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  1. Shoot the messenger

    Michael, I already asked you to remove my username permanently.

    So go ahead and ban me. Like I care about your fantasy world.

    You are a prime example of someone who simply does not realise that...
  2. I'd say this is pretty representative

    Before this gets way out of control, perhaps it would be fitting to ruminate on the following post and Michael's point-blank refusal to ban duby229 at that time.
  3. Yet More Displacement Activity


    Give it a rest. Either refute my points or desist from digging yourself into a hole.

    You do not speak for anyone except yourself, and nobody ASKED you to stick your oar in these waters....
  4. I never said you were, but now I am beginning to...

    I never said you were, but now I am beginning to wonder. You are insisting I trawl thru your posts, but are not willing to trawl thru mine.

    As for your being disappointed, I care not in the...
  5. Just read the posts

    Troll-feeding. Classic.

    Instead of burying your head in the sand, you could actually read the posts yourself.

    The onus is very much on the pro-AMD brigade to show how the radeon driver has...
  6. Reality Check

    Q is certainly a bit hard to understand at times.

    But one thing is for sure, AMD and their apologists are just clowns.

    Every SINGLE thing I ever said about the radeon driver has come to pass....
  7. Replies

    Jam Tomorrow

    This is all starting to sound reminiscent of Chiang Kai Shek, who promised every Chinese New Year that "We will retake the mainland". The truth is the "Nationalists" went further into decline with...
  8. Replies

    Alcohol is a killer

    Young people imagine that they are invincible, and this is normal and expected. And it is "cool" to be a big drinker, in many circles.

    But the truth is that alcohol is a dangerous, toxic poison...
  9. More AMD-Sponsored Claptrap

    All the machines I maintain work fine on 295.40, 295.33 so this is beginning to look a bit like more AMD clownery.
  10. What Utter Nonsense

    There is no regression that I can spot, either on G210 or 7600GT.

    So where exactly is the justification for the original "article" ?
  11. Replies

    strace tells all

    The mechanism is irrelevant.
    What matters is what bad apps look at.
    In other words which files they read.

    The way to know what files an app looks at is strace.

    strace -e open -o BADAPP badapp...
  12. Thread: Goodbye ATI

    by gordboy

    Facts sometimes trump sectarian tunnel vision

    Loyalty is an admirable quality but let's not get carried away. Debian underpins a *lot* of distros and they fix more bugs than all the other distros.

    Where gentoo scores heavily for me is the...
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    To my new friend Temar

    Haha - maybe time to stop digging tho.
  14. Replies

    I was talking about Micro$oft not Adobe. As...

    I was talking about Micro$oft not Adobe.

    As for your sideswipe about rent and jobs, well let's put it this way - I'm in my 50s with two ex-wives and two grown-up children, and I run my own...
  15. Replies

    Flash on linux was always doomed

    Anyone who thought flash would ever thrive on linux was surely deluded.

    Adobe, like everyone else, do what MS say. End of story.

    Linux was *always* their main enemy. Always and forever, because...
  16. Thread: Goodbye ATI

    by gordboy

    The devs are to blame

    The reason ATI has lost the war is that their drivers are so bad.

    The closed source drivers cannot be changed. And neither apparently can the open-source ones. Because every single person who has...
  17. Thread: Ban Qaridium

    by gordboy

    Poll: Same Old Bullying

    Here we go again.

    A small but vociferous coterie want to silence someone. Same old Phoronix.

    Oh and BTW every single one of my predictions about ATI drivers falling further and further behind...
  18. I Want Vincent Banned From This Forum Forever

    Dear Michael.

    If you do not ban Vincent from this forum forever, I will have no hesitation in contacting your provider, godaddy, and asking them to pull this site.

    You are clearly unable to...
  19. It Was Meant Mainly For Vincent, Actually

    Just as soon as the AMD fanboys stop using deeply offensive words like "autistic" and "retarded", I might consider being civil. I am a parent with an autistic son, and I find the language here at...
  20. Broken Promises And More Thuggery


    I hate to break it to you, but you and your AMD fanboy chums are very much in the minority in the linux world. This forum has turned into an AMD love-in. The fact that bridgman is the top...
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