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    >Drivers are overall faster and more feature...

    >Drivers are overall faster and more feature complete.

    Not only that, but any bug is workaround by developers or quickly reported to driver maker

    >There is a larger ecosystem of...
  2. APU next to gpu

    I would like that APU were benchmarked next with gpu, so one can compare relative performance. Even if cpu is different, make one test with both the cpu and the apu with the same card (one more or...
  3. Thank you AMD!

    i have to say THANK YOU AMD!!

    I do really hope this will happen fast and even better, they apply to existent GPU/APU!!

    if not, at least still support the "old" radeon development, don't forget...
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    Agree that we should have migrated to 64bit years...

    Agree that we should have migrated to 64bit years ago, but at least for mozilla, it is not their fault... most plugins were 32bit only, so browsers only released the 32bit version on windows to avoid...
  5. add some APU

    please, add the APU to the list... it would be good to be able to compare the APU with real GPU on this kind of tests, even if the cpu used is different in the APU and the other GPUs (that should of...
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    Valve team fortress problem


    in the past, TF2 worked using mesa 9.1 on a ubuntu 12.10... but i was busy for several weeks and now when trying again TF2 crashs on finishing loading the resources (3D related crash)

    i also...
  7. Crash on startup (xdl_x760_atiddxDisplayMonitorCreateOutput)

    My computer is a amd64 with slackware64 (with multilib support) on a via K8T800
    chipset and 4GB of RAM. the graphic card is a HD2600 XT AGP and connect are 2
    TFT (1280x1024 and 1920x1080), AGP size...
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    how about at boot time/console without X11

    the xrandr works fine, but requires one to enter X11...

    is there any way to disable it at boot time? i tried to list radeon module parameters with modinfo, but i saw no option to disable it...
  9. Thread: Two X-Servers?

    by higuita

    first, i not a specialist in X and fglrx, but i...

    first, i not a specialist in X and fglrx, but i think i know what is this...

    if you run a ps xuaf, you will see that the 2 X is started by the first one, the same way as a multi-thread java app...
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    i found a solution to the problem (at least for...

    i found a solution to the problem (at least for me)

    check my bugzilla post:

    basically delete the DALObjectData0 (or maybe DALObjectData1 for some...
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