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    i doubt, but i agree opensuse is a mess
  2. depends

    ram is cheap? no so cheap in some same places,.. depends. do not forget that ,there are laptops with only one ram slot occupied and comes with a 1GB ram...

    but i have a intel atom single core with...
  3. i only these new display servers gen brings good...

    i only these new display servers gen brings good optimus graphics, something like windows
  4. hm

    7 years ppl, 7... in 7 years,... and even atom support 64 bits today
  5. hm

    another waste of time but ok
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    again the haters i'm out of this forum for ever, always the same shit
  7. ?? you read the same article? ubuntu 16.04 will...

    ?? you read the same article? ubuntu 16.04 will be mir
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    creat one then
  9. lol

    mad? i'm not mad, i don't care, they do what they want in their system, and yes chrome os is for stupid ppl and kids, is only google chrome in full screen, but ok use what you want, :rolleyes:
  10. hm

    the OS is not ready, we need to wait and see, in most of the games it's marginal, to complete this test we need to compare to ubuntu unity and arch kde and gnome for example and see who have better...
  11. who cares?

    chrome os is a OS for kids and stupid people :cool:
  12. lol

    i'm happy, very happy, a lot of ppl are happy, unity is the best DE, but calm down you are sad because what? canonical do something bad to you?;)
  13. hahaha

    you realy believe in that? why so hate? i think ppl is affraid with mir sucess. unity is the best de out there (my opinion ofc) cinnamon don t work well in arch, my experience ubuntu 14.10 had some...
  14. dead?

    ubuntu dead? no lts? what are you talking about ubuntu 14.04 is a lts version, "and without mint ubuntu desktop market is a joke?" what? why ppl come with lies and more lies against ubuntu? all ppl...
  15. maybe

    maybe, ofc intel gpu is much better in 2d performance, in 3d is a weak gpu, i have a 4000 and its good for desktop for gaming i use the nvidia card but one year ago i remember i can play cs cz with a...
  16. hm

    same performance
  17. hm

    what driver you are using?
  18. not true

    look to the apps for ubuntu touch. wayland in fedora? not works well yet, we will stuck with x one more year
  19. mplayer vaapi

    you need to install mplayer with vaapi, the normal one not works, use mpv or a backend to vdpau
  20. yes

    great potencial, lol we will see, buy a laptop with hybrid graphics and see my point, nightmare even in windows.. i hope amd do something good in future i have a apu, a hd4850 and i have no problem...
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