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    Nouveau To Go Into Linux 2 6 33 Kernel

    Thanks for the reply, but I can get to the boot menu.
    It has " BOOT: ",but what do I have to type in to get it to boot from CD. If I type nothing and just press ENTER it boots from the hard drive...
  2. The Linux Graphics Documentation Thats Needed

    It didnt work the first time, but I found out quickly why:

    Code:Section "DRI"Mode 0666EndSection
    So thank you very much for setting me on the right track. It works perfectly now.
  3. Radeon HDMI Audio Set For Linux 2 6 33 Kernel

    Thats the point. If therere many people using Linux as a server, then Windows Server can well take its place in the market as a Hypervisor product, even if people move away from Windows Server to...
  4. VIAs DRM Patches Finally Get Some Feedback

    There clearly seems to be a problem with the NVIDIA module...A way out without too much knowledge is, to install the drivers from NVIDIA. Obviously wed have to look into this too and find out if...
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    Ubuntu 9 10 Netbook Performance

    Well I recently got a netbook and I was wondering how regular ubuntu 9.04 will run on it? You see, I have seen NBR ubuntu and I dont like the interface of it, even though it is very functional and...
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    ddr2 AND ddr3 in the same mobo

    a lot of people have viewed this but no replies does anyone need any more information?

    i will admit i am considering totally replacing the mobo cpu and ram but if i can fix it it would be great
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