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    This is the last unigine spam I subject myself to from phoronix. As of today my RSS feed subscription is stopped.

    Blatantly promoting a game for linux makes for bad journalism.

    As for the...
  2. +1 Very well said.

    +1 Very well said.
  3. academic licence

    Last year I asked them for an academic licence for a small research project and they refused. I think they need to be a bit more flexible if they're going to get their engine out there.
  4. interface

    One of the highest rated comments on ./ was about the interface, which is really hard to navigate. Anyway I'm sure the guys have their hands full just keep the site ui in the todo list.

    Keep up...
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    I have no idea what you're talking about. I...

    I have no idea what you're talking about. I wasn't talking about oil rush. I was talking about retail games in general. I didn't even know oil-rush made an unfinished build available to people who...
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    Announcing Pre-Orders = Bad for Gamers

    I think announcing game pre-orders is by far the WORST type of news post any site could ever make. Unless you're working for the gaming industry and that is the last thing a "journalist" should be. I...
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