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    The xorg conf d Patches Emerge

    If budget provides... But most likely not. Probably just race the night race after this and make more trips to the desert
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    Nouveau To Go Into Linux 2 6 33 Kernel

    I am aware that the card has linux drivers but have heard a lot of complaints, does any one have a similar set-up.
    Also what version of linux do you think is the best, i need a word app compatible...
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    Last Call For Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys

    Just received my beta key a few minutes ago. Im in the process of installing the game right now.

    Did anyone else sign up for the beta? Send me a PM if you have a key and you want to play.
  4. A New Intel i965 Gallium3D Driver Is Coming

    We will be posting some information when we can. Right now there is not much more to say than it is will be the 3rd generation Bad Axe using the X38 Bearlake chipset and will support ATI/AMD...
  5. Nouveau DRM Getting Pulled Into Lucid Soon

    I know its an already answered question for us but I still cant help but ask.."why oh why do they have to do it out in the sticks where Im at?"
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    AMD Catalyst 9 11 leaked

    thank you very much.
    how does it looks with a new release of a bios update for the CPU?
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