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  1. I risk to differ: nofail just implies that no...

    I risk to differ: nofail just implies that no error message is given when a mount fails. Its absence doesn't implicate any specific behaviour from the process calling "mount", this is up to the...
  2. That's nice and shiny, the problem is, so far...

    That's nice and shiny, the problem is, so far "nofail" meant "Do not report errors for this device if it does not exist." and if it was not set an error was reported, but unless the missing partition...
  3. Well, well

    Well, his point is that packages should not depend on a specific init system, a point he already brought up in February, when the CTTE decision was made [1]. Considering that Debian/kFreeBSD and...
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    No Xserver 1.16

    From the release notes:

    Xorg/Xserver 7.4 and above (up to 1.15)
    Linux kernel 2.6 or above (up to 3.15)

    I really don't get it why they don't support Xorg/Xserver 1.16 when they already...
  5. Actually ...

    From the Debian bug tracker:

    This is what I am currently packaging as 1:14.6~ga14.201-1 (AMD also
    provided us this release).

    Just add the experimental distro to your sources list, pin it...
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    Like said before, the design seems fine, but I...

    Like said before, the design seems fine, but I also prefer the old colour scheme.
  7. a title

    I know both, did autotools first and I'd say both serve their purpose, but creating a project by using cmake is usually way easier.

    Regarding the article, I doubt that another tool on top of...
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    bye bye gedit ...

    I doubt it. Evince has this new interface for some time now, and there is no way to get the old style menu back.
  9. 13.11 v9.95 after 13.12??

    Kind of strange that they release a beta numbered 13.11 beta v9.95 after releasing a driver numbered 13.12.

    The package...
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    The good thing with Linux distribution is that there is usually no need to do a reinstall from scratch (unless you get owned, of course), Debian can always be upgraded cleanly from one release to the...
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    risk to differ

    especially given that one often writes his own container classes - or anyway uses different ones
    if you use Qt for instance, chances are you're already using qt's own classes rather than the stl...
  12. not quite right.

    As far as I understood, Activision owns the rights on the game, so they had to license their "IP" and Activision can dictate the terms, in this case, no Linux port.
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    Well, well.

    Not true, OpenRC was mentioned in the discussion and it had even a GSoC

    Just saying ....
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    Poll: Debian testing

    Instead of Debian sid, Debian testing would make a lot more: Unless it is in freeze (every two ore tree years or so) it follows sid closely but is more stable.
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    Well, Firefox OS is completely open...

    Well, Firefox OS is completely open and now that I see what Jolla has to offer, I'm happy that I got myself a Peak with Firefox OS. Granted, the OS is still beta, but it mostly does what I need, and...
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