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  1. Overlooked

    Somehow, this has gone overlooked on phoronix:

    The real FFmpeg might be finally returning to Debian!
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    a breath of relief and a few sighs of disbelief

    After I learned on Phoronix that Australis hit the Nightly channel, I updated my browser fearing the horrors that were about to pounce on me but now after using the Australised Nightly for a couple...
  3. Beer + Boobs + Linux = Phoronix?!?!?!

    To me, Oktoberfest is Teh Kitch, the epitome of bad taste but not like the cool kind of bad taste, just really bad-taste bad taste. And suddenly, I see it's the meeting point for phoronix, a site...
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    Okay, I didn't know about their license tastes....

    Okay, I didn't know about their license tastes. Actually being stuck with GCC 4.2.1, I understand they prefer LLVM. To them, it's a future compared to no future. And a more recent LLVM is definitely...
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    Demons like things slow?

    In all the comparisons I've read here on phoronix, Clang turns out to be producing slower executables than GCC, at least in most cases and in most cases by a significant margin.

    On the other hand,...
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    Nepomuk The Hog

    I tried KDE almost two years ago and Nepomuk seemed excrutiatingly slow on an i-5 Sandy Bridge notebook. Thumbs up if it ever gets any better. Oh, wait, this was about memory usage only. But still,...
  7. Choice

    Just make the browser window narrower! Why do you buy wide screens when you hate wide screens anyway?
  8. The Format Of This Forum Speaks In Favor Of Wide Pages

    The articles in this forum are formatted pretty wide, stretching almost the entire width of the full-screen firefox window and I haven't seen anybody complaining about having a hard time reading...
  9. Well then, maybe doing that would be an actual...

    Well then, maybe doing that would be an actual innovation ;)

    What I meant was that the blank space on the sides of the phoronix pages is just wasted screen space. Of course I didn't mean the...
  10. Dynamic Page Width?


    I would appreciate if the page covered 100% of the browser window width.

    If somebody finds wide text hard to read - well, they can always make the window narrower. I prefer to see all the...
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    I assume it's the user's native language and the...

    I assume it's the user's native language and the rest is not in "that language" because translation is missing for those strings.
    Notice, that one entry in the menu on the right is also in "that...
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    Qt = the end of lightweight

    I had LXDE running on a machine until about 2 weeks ago when an automatic update (lubuntu) broke it in a really weird way
    and I just didn't have the patience to debug it. I switched the computer to...
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