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  1. Yes freedom

    If Linus starts to become (to)unreasonable someone is free to Fork and start his/her own branch.

    Distro's are free to take the (collected)patches from Chris and back port them to their kernel of...
  2. Lol, I got quoted

    Lol, I got quoted on a news page:

    "As summarized yesterday by a contributor"
  3. Wrong link

    Oops wrong article referenced
  4. Where there is smoke, therse fire

    PowerVR. Burn it with fire. And don't inhale :p

    While the PowerVR delivers power there is little hope for contiguous usage, even Intel couldn't cope with it. Driver development is left to the...
  5. With compliments to Hans de Goede

    With compliments to Hans de Goede, triggered by the upstream effort for sunxi (Allwinner A10, A20, etc.). Great work.
  6. Replies

    I use one and am contemplating buying extra. ...

    I use one and am contemplating buying extra.

    1. Solid-Run was first
    2. The ODRIOD-U2 can't be accepted into the living room.
    3. No SATA connection
    4. XBMC is support is not ready yet
    5. Not a...
  7. Replies

    Russel wasn't the only one

    Russel already saw it.

    Hopefully they'll merge.
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