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    My 3rd wish:

    I want coreboot to run on newer hardware instead of just ancient crap..
    I want "secure"-boot to burn in hell for ever..
    I want microsoft to burn in hell for ever..
    microsoft can make all the...
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    Holy crap, he is right.. I had no idea microsoft had tried to do that, but I found and read the wikipedia article about it here:
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    A few questions:

    Microshaft is supposedly leaving it up to the OEMs to decided whether or not to permanently lock "secure"-boot to always ON.. So lot of people say "It isn't microsoft's fault if you can't disable SB,...
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    This is a bunch of MS

    This is all part of microsoft's evil master plan.......seriously, it really is..

    Did you know that initially microsoft wanted a requirement for windows8 to be that secureboot is LOCKED ON...
  5. Time to learn English, kids.

    Thanks.. TIL 80% of the time when I am reading english on the internet, it was typed by a non-native english speaker.. That actually explains a lot about the internet's grammar and spelling abilities...
  6. I understand that you are trying to point out...

    I understand that you are trying to point out that I am not always 100% correct on my grammar either, as if I am a hypocrite. I understand that every one can not be a 100% accurate grammar robot all...
  7. Sorry, I loost my cool.

    You are right that I am being overly picky about his misspelling of one word. But that misspelled word has become a giant pet peeve of mine. For many years/decades of reading various stuff on the...
  8. Learn to spell..

    Learn to spell..
  9. I don't like intel at all actually, I don't care...

    I don't like intel at all actually, I don't care what they contribute to the kernel.. I have boycott them for a long time, and only buy AMD processors..

    2 things I don't like about intel is: #1:...
  10. Does this affect stable branch of debian?.. I'm...

    Does this affect stable branch of debian?.. I'm worried now.. Thinking about switching to windows8 for more security..
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    I agree that linux should really adopt a more coherent versioning scheme.. Wild-west-style arbitrary random major version bumps are just kind of weird..

    Also, linus says he hates big numbers, so...
  12. What is your point?.. That it is only unlucky when pronounced as "shi"?.. In that case, why do some (not many really, less than 1%) japanese buildings skip the fourth floor even though in japanese...
  13. Are they going to fix the problem where bright...

    Are they going to fix the problem where bright light causes the whole RPi2 to reset?.. I don't want to buy one until they fix such a massive...
  14. I use kodi on RPi1 currently.. On RPi2, will I...

    I use kodi on RPi1 currently..

    On RPi2, will I be able to watch h265 movies now?.. And how about daala videos, or VP9?..

    After you tell me "No", then I'd also like to ask: Would it be possible...
  15. Finally!.......

    Thank our holy lord jesus he finally left.. He was trying to drive debian straight in to the ground.. I think there is now some hope back in debian's future now.. Thanks ian, for doing the right...
  16. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    FIREFOX YOU PILE OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!! What a stupid decision!!!!!..:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  17. Systemd is golden..

    If systemd sucked so much, then why is it that all of the distrobutions are tending to move to it?..

    I think much of the hate towards it is the perception that it is taking over every thing like a...
  18. Ironyness..

    Kind of ironic if that stupid debian GR passes, because it will mean that debian will be forced to support upstart compatibility for every single package, even though ubuntu its self (creator of...
  19. Debian is d best

    I know this wasn't a response to me, but I am going to throw my 2 cents in any way..

    Would he have been pushing this hard on non-dependence of the init system if upstart had won instead of...
  20. thanks ian jackson..

    thanks ian jackson..
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