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  1. Pretty please..

    The quadruple increase in the real-world benchmarks (Unigine Tropics and Sanctuary) "aren't exciting enough"?

    I would say -- to the contrary!

    It would be interesting to see the real scope of...
  2. People should read the thread before replying. ...

    People should read the thread before replying.

    Daniel Vetter (aka danvet) confirmed an i915 driver bug in this thread.
  3. Absolutely. Linux Foundation funding OpenSSL...


    Linux Foundation funding OpenSSL is the most disgusting thing I've heard of happening in the open source landscape lately.

    We don't want OpenSSL people to produce heaps of...
  4. Absolutely. The only problem is the...


    The only problem is the requirement of linkability by C users, but that's not insurmountable with modern FFIs -- albeit distinctly problematic.
  5. Funding people who failed, to fail with more vigor?

    Am I the only one, who thinks that funding a structurally failed enterprise is only going to yield more fail, more efficiently?

    To be entirely honest, this whole idea is thoroughly sickening from...
  6. Tipping point

    Is this a tipping point for the Java's slow demise?

    I think Shuttleworth wouldn't allow that if it would hurt Ubuntu Server in a significant way..
  7. Let's cross our fingers and pray that Canonical...

    Let's cross our fingers and pray that Canonical intends to switch.
  8. Replies

    Sticky: Page refresh after about a hour of inactivity makes ads reappear

    Good day Michael!

    I've got a problem I've already reported before through a different channel.

    I am a premium subscriber, but I keep seeing ads.

    Let me describe my setup:

    - I am logged in...
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