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    Foursquare - Sauron's Eye?

    With Foursquare activated, now integrated in Gnome, you may be simply located and tracked. Enjoy without doubt!
  2. I appreciate

    Many thanks to all developers converting "poor relative" OSS stuff to well competitive and utilising most of what HW design offers. My HD 5570 Redwood G600 has got more "vis vitalis" than ever...
  3. Mm, how often you was reporting your issues with...

    Mm, how often you was reporting your issues with Arch to bugzilla or directly to meintainers? I have no serious issue in spite of my time by time experimenting with DE/WM and with some AUR stuff....
  4. Really?

    First, I use the both, Arch on desktop and TP X-61 and Manjaro on TP X-200. I use Arch for some 9 years with quite a satisfaction. On desktop, I have facing issue with Cups and Avahi dependency...
  5. Good news

    Simply every step ahead makes Wayland functional more practically with a real perspective of switching from X... Enlightemnent is much more lightweight then KDE, what is much worth of.
  6. In Arch OK

    VLC is one of my often lauching app under Wayland/Weston. Videos, music and DVB-T works well enough.
  7. Good idea. Keep watching which GPUs will be the...

    Good idea. Keep watching which GPUs will be the best HW for Mantle and where we will get the new AMD's radeon unified kernel module.
  8. You are right. Coexistence of old drivers for old...

    You are right. Coexistence of old drivers for old cards wit the new driver for new cards has no sense thus one machine will live with drivers just made for it. Linux devs are fairly empathic to older...
  9. tesselation

    I am proud of Marek Olsak's quick steps in getting radeon driver far more efficient as ever before. Tesselation is the right point to be optimized for radeon.
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    "is" or "has been"?

    Modularity of systemd is not a mantra but dependancy of its level of complexity. More complex (integrating more and more from system and user-space) systemd will be, less modular can be. Why huge...
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    Many systemd haters argue systemd is wrong project from its beginning because it tends to be odd and very complicated and is going to take control over the whole system. If it has sense, why not to...
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    Keep in calm, my dear gnomer, I only wish all...

    Keep in calm, my dear gnomer, I only wish all linux users can know what is far away from their personal horizons because these horizons are too near and to high to see what is behind not hardly...
  13. Not worth for archers

    I use Arch ten years and have no complaints to pacman/yaourt functions instead of fresh look on installed/available. That's why Octopi exist, indeed. PackageKit for Arch is for those depending on...
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    Enlightenment 19

    For those who don't met with E19 yet, this soon expected release of Enlightenment would be a good workplace/testbed for recent achievements done by Wayland/Weston team(s). Maui/Hawaii is still very...
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    many barkings, few creativity

    To many people only criticise what they are incapable do better... No reason to waste time with.
  16. Why to comment?

    I IMHO do not see any reason to comment this Michael's info. Let developers do their best and let us wait for June news.
  17. Better the EXA must be proven

    On HD 5000 and 6000 Redwood series was better EXA. What is advantage of GLAMOR indeed? Will it be better choice for next X.Org and video-ati for Redwood as well as for Islands? I hope so. Keep...
  18. Degresivity

    Who was expected that memory timing in MHz is lineary tight with its speed went wrong way. Temperature risen with higher clocking has leaded to degresive speed. Higher frequency - subproportional...
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    IMHO smart decision with many benefits for all X users.
  20. Really?

    Almost all TV apps and many new games (Steam prods incl.) are used in full screen mode. I can't agree with your point there...
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