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  1. how to connect host os and guest os using kvm

    hi all

    first with amd hardward virtualization support i wanted to run windows XP on host fedora 7 using KVM.

    i got ideas for creating a virtual machine through phoronix. thanks a lot.

    now i...
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    installation problem for SATA HDD


    facing problem with the installation of 160GB seagate SATA harddrive in
    FC4 as well as RHEL-4.0

    it is a seagate BARRACUDA - ST3160211AS model

    motherboard - intel

    processor - dual...
  3. ati driver 8.32.5 not working properly


    only ATI 8.32.5 is available at

    after proper installation and before reboot am get a message saying

    "Driver does not provide FireGL X11 extensions. Panel components will operate...
  4. hi, thanks for your suggesstion. i will try...


    thanks for your suggesstion. i will try it. actually i did get the driver from ATI web site.

    after installation and reboot i could not get the gui as it was giving "out of frequency range"...
  5. installation for radeon Xpress 200 onboard for Fc4


    am using Fc4. my intel motherboard has Radeon Xpress 200 onboard graphics.

    FC4 is taking VESA driver (generic) as its default driver for VGA.

    it is working but when it comes to moving...
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    Fc6 and onboard graphics interface

    hai all,

    am quite new to linux (fedora). currently using Fc4. Thinking of switching over to Fc6.

    Was browsing through these forums on Fc6 compatibilities and non-compatibilities towards...
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