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  1. BIOS update and M2 SSD: careful!

    Pro Tip:

    If you have a M2 SSD in the laptop and you use it under Linux, then be _very_ _very_ careful when doing a BIOS update: the update will change/reset the setting for how the M2 SSD is used....
  2. no surprises here

    Ghee what a surprise.
    The kernel actually doesn't do very much.
    Performance is mainly determined by mesa.

    ANother click-baiting article
  3. AMD gets it

    Way to go AMD, you guys 'get' it.

    In today's world, if you want to stay in business, you better sell parts.
    To do that properly, you _need_ to integrate well with Linux.
    To do that properly, you...
  4. On Ethernet too

    I see a _major_ performance regression on 3.14 Ethernet performance as well, this issue might explain that.

    On 3.13 I can easily saturate my 1Gbps link, on 3.14 it's 100 (!!!) times slower, I only...
  5. SELinux

    Don't forget that RHEL has SELinux enabled by default and Ubuntu doesn't.
    I'd like see results with SELinux turned on on Ubuntu and/or SELinux turned off in RHEL (I prefer the first).

  6. NOT multi-seat

    That is not multi-seat, it's multi-input

    Multi-seat = each seat has it's own session
  7. On a HD4650. This is an oooold and slooow card....

    On a HD4650.
    This is an oooold and slooow card.
    Kind of useless benchmark again...
  8. It should have a very noticeable impact when...

    It should have a very noticeable impact when buffer objects are moved and when VM mappings are changed.
    Especially the former case should have a rather big impact: the buffer move is performed by...
  9. Looking at the code the a stands for...

    Looking at the code the a stands for Asynchronous.

    Or in other words: they have a DMA hardware engine on the GPU. This engine can transfer memory in parallel to other stuff happening. Hence they...
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    _Still_ no 64bit rpm... Why the heck does it...

    _Still_ no 64bit rpm...

    Why the heck does it have a dependency on systemd???!!
  11. Wonderful article title again Michael

    How the heck is this mixed results?!

    It seems to me that the _only_ game where it didn't pay off is Xonotic and looking at the frame rates there I'm guessing that either that game does something...
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    Yeah, right. Just like Windows XP. Show me a...

    Yeah, right. Just like Windows XP.

    Show me a company running their enterprise on Ubuntu...
    (and I'll show you a hundred running redhat, another hundred running centos and another hundred running...
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    Wow, what a completely useless comparison: a consumer distribution against an enterprise distribution.

    If you want to compare Ubuntu against something, then compare it against the likes of Fedora,...
  14. short sighted

    And again someone that doesn't seem to be able to distinguish between his personal views and what's good for the larger community.

    How about, in a few years, Open Source friendly companies having...
  15. Sure, but that's ZERO reason to prioritise...

    Sure, but that's ZERO reason to prioritise nouveau.

    I have a W520 with an nvidia 2000M. I'd like it to work but that doesn't mean that I agree with nouveau receiving the money.

    We need to...
  16. WTF

    I don't get it.
    How come there is money pumped into supporting hardware from a company that is completely Open Source hostile??

    This money is way better spent in improving Intel and AMD hardware!...
  17. please do a google search first before whining...
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    bees & vinagre

    If you want to improve anything you might consider providing constructive feedback that provides details and suggestions instead of bitching about everything.

    This article and its forum discussion...
  19. shader compiler

    How about ripping the shader compiler from fglrx then?
    And I mean ripping: it doesn't need to work, just let the open source devs look at it and make it work...

    trying to think out of the box...
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    AMD supports coreboot on all future chipsets

    well, you're in luck since AMD announced a few weeks ago that they'll support coreboot on all future chipsets!
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