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  1. Version 0.597 is out , everyone gets ONE MORE FREE MONTH

    We are in the process of chasing down the GLIBC issues, it seems that we'll have to get an old Long Term Support debian distro (Ubuntu 12.04) and Linux Standard Base build tools to fully put our foot...
  2. Build a world released

    Build a World has been released for Open BETA 0.5


    24 hours trial period upon free registration!

    you like you buy, you don't... still please spread the word
  3. Replies

    Build a WORLD FUNDING ENDS 20 April

    Hey guys, we are doing poorly with publicity right now

    so even if you dont pledge, please share the link to our kickstarter EVERYWHERE
    (most of our youtube page views and kickstarter pledges come...
  4. I'm lead graphics and linux and here is some info

    Since this is phoronix and we all love graphics, drivers and compilers and benchmarks

    I may as well post a few technical notes, remember all the rendering tech makes it through the linux build...
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