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  1. Almost there!

    After the last debian/squeeze update, fullscreen OpenGL applications started to show a mouse pointer!

    The only thing that is bothering me is Half-Life 2 under Wine...It used to work on my old...
  2. I didn't try to apply them... I was wondering if...

    I didn't try to apply them... I was wondering if it is possible to have a working system first, and the then get optimizations. Right now, the most annoying thing is the missing mouse pointer.

  3. Any hints, anyone?

    I've just installed fglrx version 10-4-1 and (xorg 7.5+6
    ) from the debian squeeze repositories and the situation is the same: I can't see the mouse pointer when in fullscreen mode.

    Either in...
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    Fix for hardware cursor?

    Could you please send a pointer to this fix?


    (sorry for late post)
  5. HD4890 Ati-driver 9.8: no mouse in openGL ann more


    I've figured out how to install ATI's Catalyst 9.8 drivers with Debian Squeeze (testing) 2.6.30-1-amd64 #1 SMP. This was the thread the helped a lot with solving the installation problems:
  6. Yes. I was running Compiz in Kde4. Although most...

    Yes. I was running Compiz in Kde4. Although most of the things are just eye candy, there are some useful features I'd love to be able to keep using, among them: bird's view of all the windows and...
  7. Problem with mouse pointer

    Hello again

    The mouse pointer flashes, disappears, displays rectangles from places of the screen and often shows rectangles far away from the mouse pointer location. It is also almost impossible...
  8. Finally!


    Thanks! I've just downloaded libdrm2.deb from lenny, installed it with dpkg and put it on hold with aptitude. Now even kde4 3d effects are back!

    The only thing is the cursor. It...
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    Anyone has installed 9.8 on Debian kernel 2.6.30?

    If there is anyone who has successfully installed ATI proprietary drivers (9.5, 9.7 or 9.8) on Debian testing (squeeze) with stock 2.6.30 kernel?

    If you have, please take a look at...
  10. How to install ati-driver 9.8 HD 4890 2.6.30 amd64?

    Hello folks

    I can't install the proprietary ati driver for the Radeon HD 4890 graphics card. At worst, I get no X. At best I get no 2D or 3D acceleration. As suggested by bridgman I'm creating...
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    HD 4890 Debian testing installation help proprietary drivers

    Dear Devs

    I've been trying to install my brand new HD 4890 in Debian testing AMD64 without success. Can anybody point me to anything that I'm missing?

    After googling a lot, I've tried a lot of...
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