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  1. Thank You!

    THANK YOU! Here's a link
  2. So a new desktop environment built from scratch has been completed

    Completed in maybe a sixteenth the entire lifetime of Enlightenment. Maybe because they didn't decide to rewrite everything (twice?) or bother with writing an entire library of foundation software...
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    Kirby is dead long long live Pit

    its like an episode of Brawl in the Family
  4. they dont

    Simple they dont want you to install debían they want you to install SteamOS that's why they included Gnome
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    that helps no one

    you help none.
    perhaps my argument for expanding on the idtech4 (correction not idTech5 sorry) was unfounded but I'm still curious. Darkplaces went very far and so did but as neat as it is its...
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    why does no one talk about the id tech 4 engine any more?

    all this work on id tech3, is anyone working on iodoom3 from the idtech5 engine? it compiles on everything supports higher res models and netradient and trenchbroom works with it also because it...
  7. idtech4

    Why hasn't anyone touched the doom3.gpl code. I don't have the skill but I always said, If someone could make in game tools like the Cube Engine ,Torque3d, Unity3d, they would have a solid engine.
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    how about game engine tools

    I would like for someone to dev this engine to a tool like Unity3d or Torque where you can script actions and trigges in game before playing. Is there a way to get netradient to be as portable as...
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    SCSI and USB on same drive

    what LKML do I ask about this? I had been charged with a server running windows server 2008 and discovered someone had plugged both a USB drive and an eSATA cable to the same drive. It was a dell...
  10. can phoronix talk about the positive effect wayland will have for gaming on linux

    It will provide a more direct path to the rendering hardware instead of having to go through X. it just opens a display and puts up a GL context and pushes frames (i think)
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    I respect and appreciate FUSE's existence as a toy

    Toys are educational. I'd love to use Google Docs FS as a toy it would be a very useful toy and a fun one at that. Speaking of which, is the FS interface so different between BSD and XNU(MacOSX) that...
  12. traffic shaping? this link might help
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    gnome2 not out dated

    I think the MATE people would resent you calling gnome2 outdated. They plan to mantain gnome 2 including metacity and everything under the gnome toolkit version 3.
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    thank you

    thanks, this is enlightening. perhaps a usb driver? I had this idea to make a "target disk mode" for linux. that would require making a computer behave like a slave type usb device (usb is...
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    help with linux graphics drivers

    where do start with linux graphics driver dev? what kind of science (compiler theory?) or math (linear algebra?) do I need to know to help? I can't seem to find any documentation between register...
  16. what does it look like

    Im curious about what kind of software techniques are required to understand the code or contribute. I see lots of register asignments when I look at the code and wonder what else is there. Can we...
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    A commiunity supported, free version not quite as bleeding edge as Fedora

    either make a free version (like OpenSuse) or point people to CentOS and pay a few people to sit in their IRC. Also, Do they need build servers? Help them with that also. You don't have to supply...
  18. Desktop Environment Settings

    YES! i was going to say that they should BOTH choose a different name because both names are STUPID. it should be KDE System Settings and GNOME System Settings.
  19. maybe its not very attractive.

    Why is it distributed? How does this feature improve the nonliniear video editing?
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    who's working on mac support?

    who's working on mac support?
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