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  1. =)

    yah because you cant do it... lol :rolleyes:
  2. lol?

    this article is what i expect, mac osx drivers are stable but have horrible performance in games.. opengl 4 is being out this year for intel, probaly 4.1.

    pointless benchmarks? for gaming? what...
  3. ??

    i ask, how it work?
  4. ??

    well its bad option, really bad, and stupid... but ok mesa devs are not smart at all
  5. the real reason

    the real reason, mesa 10.1 have a error, dont work with bumblebee... but mesa 10.2 already have the bug fix
  6. i see now

    i see now, sorry, not working in chrome? i have dont use firefox, dont like
  7. ???

    what part of unity3d not working in linux you dont understand? im not talking about webgl im talking about the games who use unity3d web player
  8. Replies

    because they love red hat

    because they love red hat, like intel do with this openclsdk, but a ppa exists, not really a problem
  9. i refuse use games with this

    i simply refuse use game with unity3d untill they make a native webplayer for linux, this guys are ridiculous, most of chrome store games use this shit :mad:
  10. 10.0?

    10.0? when the 10.1 is out? something wrong here
  11. i am

    i am, and it works just fine with ubuntu 14.04.

    unity have a ui scale and things look good
  12. good shape?

    good shape wine diretx9.0? i have diferent opinion, when it works it works bad, really bad, really bad fps. valve port games? well they work well very well, i miss something here?
  13. five pcs

    five pcs in the house (4laptops) all with linux, no windows, ubuntu, manjaro and arch, all working well. i see a lot of stupid guys in this forum every day, but today wtf, is simply to much, well i...
  14. switch form unity to xfce?

    really? why you simply not use unity? is better than xfce, better than gnome, or simply use cinnamon or kde
  15. hm

    i want to see things be porting to wayland
  16. hm

    is improving not bad.

    xwayland? what the point? i want to see wayland not some hybrid with x.
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    :confused: so much talk is a feature remove, simply like that, if is good or bad and dont know and dont care i dont use kde..
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    opengl 2.1

    opengl 2.1 in this atom not work, even if drivers says that. for a good working 3d working with this atom we cant enable opengl 2.1. i have one and i have problems with rendering unity, gnome3 and...
  19. where?

    where is a distro, a real one ofc not a testing
  20. the problem??

    the problem is not chrome, its your pc. only 2gb of ram today? really? i dont have such thing for many years. ram is cheap today,.. no point in buying a pc with only 2gb! i never buy such thing, its...
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