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  1. Gentoo is slways in my heart

    How can I not be Gentoo fan? Gentoo was conceived here in my hometown. It got me through computer science, early 54g wifi stack on my laptop, and my first amd64 chip.

    Have a fantastic week
  2. Deps in Libre and others

    You do have a point, brushing over Abiword and Gnumeric, I do find they depend on far fewer key deps. I do remember even compiling then openoffice on Gentoo. The ebuilds are massive, especially all...
  3. Are libreoffice's deps really that many?

    Out of curiosity, I decided to get a list of what libreoffice depends on, excluding internal dependencies (libreoffice-writer to libreoffice-common). Then I 1-upped the situation by seeing how many...
  4. Knowledgeable

    If you're on here interested in Wayland graphics topics, having or installing LibreOffice should be trivial
  5. I wouldn't call it a messy install

    Running a pre-release of course is going to have its problems. First thing first is an `lspci` and confirm if you're stuck with a broadcom wifi chipset. I'm actually surprised the "quality" hardware...
  6. Replies

    Steam on Wine numbers?

    For those who have Steam running under Wine, what does that count? Running as Windows (convinced Steam) or running on Linux (aware it's still on Linux).
  7. Fantastic news

    Serious nerdgasm, I can't wait to try this out. +1000XP for Wayland, no points for Mir.
  8. I can't hate PulseAudio, it was actually kind of...

    I can't hate PulseAudio, it was actually kind of cool being able to switch Stereo and Surround sound modes, as well as my bluetooth routing, all without the app intervening. I figured it had to be at...
  9. Not so much a complaint

    When I came to Linux, I was birthed into the notion that X was "it" and nothing more, everything graphics will use it, and you're stuck with it's huge install base and memory footprint (80MB to my...
  10. Something good will come of all of this

    X11 has had how long to be lean mean graphics machine? SurfaceFlinger and QT's mobile graphics server have little amount of time out there and are on many phones and set top boxes. X11? nothing, it's...
  11. Does this mean surround sound is back on laptop chipsets?

    I certainly hope this will help pulseaudio reenable surround sound options among the stereo output settings.
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