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  1. Most things the do are awesome. You can remove a...

    Most things the do are awesome. You can remove a lot of stuff with setting or scripts. I love that I can always run a script to set my favorite defaults.
  2. Love it!

    I bought one of the Eurocom "Monsters" and I love it. Using Fedora 20, Cinnamon. Visualization runs smoothly when testing other distros.

    I purposely bought from them because I hate having to...
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    RedHat didn't acquire CentOS, they've partnered with them. Totally different.

    CentOS is still a separate community, but now money is funneling into CentOS from RedHat. I am sure they're doing...
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    I'm excited!

    I've been using Fedora on and off since day one, then as my main OS since Fedora 12. I have followed and enjoyed ever single thing Fedora has done Except the whole Gnome 3 issue.

    Although Gnome 3...
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    Fedora love...

    So far in all my years of using Linux, Fedora has been the only one I have loved. I'm not sure if it is the community or the vision or just the logo... but it does everything I need and want.
  6. Canonical Pffft!

    Canonical's Ubumtu is but a mere spec of a server OS. I wouldn't waste my time. The communities behind RHEL/CentOS/*SUSE and (gag) Oracle, are huge in comparison.

    I agree that Ubumtu gets way...
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