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  1. [QUOTE=oleid;388742]I think it more has to do...

    [QUOTE=oleid;388742]I think it more has to do with Flash being linked to GTK2; currently it is not possible to use GTK2 and GTK3 in the same process, thus Flash won't work with a GTK3 built of...
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    I was hoping Steam would make Torchlight available for Linux, but so far it does not seem to be there. Also I accidentally purchased Torchlight 2 because I thought it would work with Linux, but I was...
  3. Dynamically checking mesa features


    You can check at runtime for S3TC by looking for the GL_S3_s3tc extension in glxinfo and Floating Point textures is reported by the ARB_texture_float extension. I found this when I was...
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    User Feedback

    Gnome 3 is a great piece of work in many ways. But the designers have frequently rejected user feedback, they need to take some of that into account.

    Some things that they are doing that need work...
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