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    +1 Well said.


    Well said.
  2. AMD CPUs

    We need more Dilthium Scotty, we're using AMD CPUs.
  3. Already stopped

    After they dumped HD 4xxx support so fast and do not even update their legacy driver to support later Xorg versions it was so long and thanks for all the buggy flgrx. Nouveau may be crap but at least...
  4. Product Updated ?

    I thought this model was going to be uprated to Celeron N2830 but hasn't hit the streets yet. Anyone know when they are supposed to arrive ?
  5. MS

    When supping with the devil, use a long spoon.
  6. Seconded

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    What you mean like the way KDE 4 stank for about...

    What you mean like the way KDE 4 stank for about 3 years before it reached maturity ?

    By the way the last KDE 4 release will be an LT release which gives time to road test KDE 5, iron out bugs and...
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    Don't bother

    Stick on 4.12 until all the many bugs have been ironed out in that dung heap called Baloo. Stupid decision to swap out nepomuk while still on KDE 4, should have waited unit KDE 5
  9. Given The Current State Of KDE

    Namely that huge turd called Baloo which landed in 4.13, Gnome is possibly worth a spin.
  10. And Our Major New LInux Skype Feature

    Drum roll please Billy Gates................

    Adverts !

    Oh PS there will be bugger all other new features and no bug fixes.
  11. Makes this look very interesting, not tried it...

    Makes this look very interesting, not tried it yet.
  12. It is an Ex FS

    It has ceased to be.
  13. Be Carful ARM

    Those Braswell chips are a coming.
  14. Beg To Differ

    I avoid AMD at all costs, never forgiven them for dropping HD4000 or less support so soon after selling laptops with those chips in. At least with Nvidia you get very long support cycles for their...
  15. nepomuk/akonadi

    Don't think anyone will mourn their passing. As popular as Ballmer turning up at Linuxcon.
  16. Why ? Even on a Windows box I wouldn't touch...

    Why ?

    Even on a Windows box I wouldn't touch Silverlight with a shitty stick.

    As for Netfix, it's their problem not mine, there are some very helpful chaps from Sweden ;)
  17. Can hear the meeting now

    So Activision you want to put your titles out on the Xbox one. What your putting out a game on Linux ? Well me might have to look at your licensing fees for the Xbox one.
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    Yes, I would agree. I'm looking at upgrading an...

    Yes, I would agree. I'm looking at upgrading an old antec fusion HPTC that has an nvidia 8600gt silent and amd 6000 x 2 (125W - Yes I know, it was lying around) to an AMD A10-6700 (65w), 8gb 1866mhz...
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