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  1. derp

    Sorry, derped, didn't mean 16 or 32 bpp ;)
  2. Banding.

    My pleasure. I don't know about the gradient issue. Found this in their Bugzilla: It seems to imply that it might be less of a problem with 16 or 32...
  3. gtk style

    I get my thus styled GIMP builds from here:
  4. picture

    Tried to post a picture for you but didn't show up. URL:

    (on Windblows because PrtScr didn't work in Linux Mint when the menu was open)
  5. bits

    Took a pic of latest 2.9 build:
  6. Replies

    Sticky: Slackware

    Slackware 1.0. Then RedHat, later SuSE, then a break because I got fed up with the constant tinkering (automated kernel updates breaking NDISWrapper, multiple monitor woes, etc. etc. etc.). Now using...
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