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  1. Ubuntu

    Ubuntu is still the best platform to carry on the benchmarking I believe
  2. I'm so sorry for phoronix

    I Agree with you 100%

    This guy is bashing Canonical and Ubuntu community every single day and most of his thoughts does not make sense at ALL.
    Obviously this is an easy way for him to get more...
  3. huh?

    What is with dat picture in the middle of article, is that some sort of hidden message(LOL)? :o
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    I feel very bad for Ubuntu! I like the general concept behind Unity but the way they implement stuff is just so weird and unprofessional, they just add features to it and with each single feature...
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    Agree:( It's very annoying :mad:

    Agree:( It's very annoying :mad:
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    It's the first time that I didn't get...

    It's the first time that I didn't get disappointed that something is not available for linux, you may ask why??? Well, Flash is a shitty framework on its own, now running a game engine on top of it...
  7. OK

    Your concern is right, but you have to take a look at It has full documentation on every single method and property of different calsses in all available libraries.
    Also there...
  8. No Python On Desktop

    Regarding UCS being so slow, I also think that canonical devs are sacrificing performance for just a little more ease of use :mad:. I strongly believe that Python is not for desktop, it's one of the...
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    that would be fucking awesome!

    that would be fucking awesome!
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    Such a Big news

    Such a big news yet nobody comments on this.
    Great work man.
  11. John Carmack!

    JC is wrong about his estimation on Linux users since many Linux gamers buy windows version of a game and play it under wine. I'm not saying that Linux has 15% of market share but it's not 1% at all....
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    I love this video.
    It strengthens my hope that soon we can get rid of old X.
    X did its contribution to linux, but linux needs to move on to the next level.
    I know replacing X with Wayland brings...
  13. Nouveau is cool

    I've been using nvidia blob on my ubuntu 12.04 until last month, the desktop experience was horrible, with nvidia blob you always feel some hiccups in rendering, nothing feels smooth wehther it's on...
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