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  1. Seriously? this is neither a 'denial of service...

    Seriously? this is neither a 'denial of service attack' nor a 'vulnerability' -

    A 'denial of service attack' allows a remote (non-local) user to prevent a computer from operating normally.
  2. It is monolithic.. with some messaging infrastructure when needed

    The DragonFly kernel *is* monolithic. There are some various api's in kernel to support different types of multithreaded scenarios
    when those scenarios would be better than some other alternative...
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    " [QUOTE=staalmannen;290857]I am curious to...

    [QUOTE=staalmannen;290857]I am curious to know... would a DragonFly vkernel be able to run in user land of another OS? It is considered similar to UML but I wonder if it also could be used...
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    Disclaimer: I am a df dev. """ """ This...

    Disclaimer: I am a df dev.



    This statement is just incorrect in so many ways. Due to the high level of parallelism in the test (many core machines), this is less
    of a indicator of...
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