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    I also have a radeon HD7950, and with catalyst...

    I also have a radeon HD7950, and with catalyst driver, most steam games have stuttering/lag issues.

    since kernel 3.13, I was able to play L4d2, Killing Floor, FORCED, and Mark of the Ninja, with...
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    yes sonnet, it will work. in my setup I have 1...

    yes sonnet, it will work. in my setup I have 1 vga and 1 dvi plug on my monitor. my intel HD4000 is connected with VGA cable and my radeon with DVI.

    you can see a video of my working setup here :...
  3. oh you're right, the source...

    oh you're right, the source said it is a cron job using fstrim, but the phoronix article is inaccurate :

    I observe freeze...
  4. too early ?

    adding discard options to ext4 on SSD is not a good idea.
    when removing a lot of small files (make clean ?), it can freeze a computer for 5-10min.
    it's the case on my laptop (quad-core with 6G...
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    KVM with PCI passthrough for gaming

    I use Xen with PCI passthrough / win7 guest for 1 year and it works very well.

    I decided to check if I can do the same with KVM.

    kvm is really easy to install, and I was able to start my win7...
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    Anyone tried Linux Guest

    one thing that I'm still not able to do, is to have also a Linux Guest, to test the latest steam linux game with my radeon HD7950.

    each time I install catalyst in a Xen DomU with Ubuntu, it's just...
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    I've tested with a core i7 3770, and the...

    I've tested with a core i7 3770, and the integrated HD4000 at 1680x1050, and it's not really playable. I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 64bits.
    If I lower all settings, I can get 30-40fps, but there is a very...
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    pci passthrough vs vga passthrough

    I do PCI passthrough (because I have 2 graphics cards). it's really easier to setup. if you have only 1 graphic card, then you need to do VGA passthrough which require patching/rebuilding xen.
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    configuration of a working setup (pci passthrough)

    HW config is in a previous post.
    here is the result of lspci

    00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Ivy Bridge DRAM Controller (rev 09)
    00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Ivy Bridge PCI...
  10. Intel HD graphics ? not for 3D anyway

    my old PC had a nvidia 8800 GTS, and that was working nicely with Linux for years.
    Now I have an Ivy bridge i7-3370 with a wonderful open source driver.
    the truth is I can't play anymore very...
  11. Power consumption is high in idle.

    3W in Idle for an omap4430, is a bit huge
    I know some smartphones powered by omap4430 that use only 5mA in idle on 4.7V battery, so about 24mW.

    normally the core can be switched OFF at runtime,...
  12. answer is s3tc issue !

    after some more googling, I can answer to myself, it is the s3tc issue.

    after using xorg-edgers, and installing libxtc-dxtc0 that work better.

    now the answer is Shank is mostly playable with...
  13. ivy bridge cannot handle trine2 & shank

    I have a core i7 3770 with HD4000, and installed ubuntu 12.04.

    I expected to have the humble games (mainly Trine2 and Shank) working well out of the box.
    in both games, I have only a black screen...
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    according to Intel spec, it is called Intel® "HD...

    according to Intel spec, it is called Intel® "HD Graphics 4000"

    so now i have a free OS with free...
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    Another Success story with PCI Passthrough

    My new setup works nicefully with PCI Passthrough (very easy to setup, all standard package from Ubuntu 12.04, no patch).

    here is my hw :
    core i7-3770 (do not take the "K" because it doesn't have...
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    VGA Passthrough looks really awesome. One thing...

    VGA Passthrough looks really awesome.
    One thing that would be great is to use the northbridge or APU graphic cards for Linux, and having a more powerfull nvidia/amd graphic cards for the virtualized...
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    I also would like a beta key to test this new...

    I also would like a beta key to test this new game. I'm playing quake wars and savage2, and also wharammer 40k soulstorm and suprem commander through wine.
    (I also buyed UT3, but didn't play it...
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