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    QML - just a pretty face ?

    The game changes with QML, its fancy graphics do inflict a penalty.

    See Following for an explaination - "Qml TableView Crazy Slow"

    Granted one can start swaping data in and out as needed
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    Almost static

    Except when you want to create more objects like in a large table and want to sort them very fast. Also just try to load a 400 meg file into a table in QML Table and also in QTableView (Wiget) then...
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    Would not expect it to get better

    Wireshark is a Widget appliation and Digia has pretty much put Widgets out to pasture as they have not done any substantial work with widgets in two years, and it looks like this will not change. ...
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    They stuck with classic Qt

    Should be compatable with both 4 & 5 as they are using Qt not QML, obviously for performance reasons. QML is verly slow and bloated for desktop apps such as this
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    I've been toying around with the new Plasma UI...

    I've been toying around with the new Plasma UI for a month now, people like Martin and his fellow developers have done a great job in getting KDE ready for Wayland. One thing that bothers me with...
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    One can hope

    Lets hope that sound business decisions compliment great engineering. As a long time fan of AMD, one who used to buy their cpus exclusivly because of value and performance, but for the past 5 years...
  7. Not sure Jollia cares about what happens to...

    Not sure Jollia cares about what happens to opensource, nor should they really. I mean its a business right ? Their first and only concern right now is to become profitable so they can recoup the...
  8. Crazy Idea

    With KDE and Unity both rewritting their desktops and apps in QML why do they not try to combine their efforts - the power of two versus the power of one. This would also really help "unify" the...
  9. What ever happens

    ... don't let Kevin and Allen ride in the same car or take the same elevator
  10. Hi Timo. First thanks for taking the time to...

    Hi Timo. First thanks for taking the time to reply, and to assure me that Widgets are here for today and tomorrow. I write apps for a living, big desktop apps usually. My apps, well not in the...
  11. Qt Needs A Reality Check

    I am a big fan of Qt, but there is some trueth to what you say. It's just tough being in the low end framework tool business, but Qt is still loved by a lot of developers and companies. Qt's eco...
  12. Qt Creator Rocks

    OK, not as good as MSVS, but close, and constantly getting better. It has been the first IDE to ween me away from Emacs. I just wished it supported html editing cause once in a while a C++ person...
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    and for servers as well

    I even use it for server apps. It is easy to talk to a mysql database with Qt, and the QTcpSocketServer class is very to use as well as Qt's multithreading framework (QThread)
  14. Sigh - another wanna be desktop

    Gnome, Unity, XFCE, KDE, Razor, (ten others). Does the world need yet another 95% completed Desktop. Yes to a degree they are all bad, but can't they try to pick one and work with them. I mean...
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    There is some value there

    I've always thought the OpenCL route was the best way to go for those wanting to do computations on the GPU, but after follwing the link provided by Phoronix and a few more clicks...
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    . > Perhaps big companies might throw some...


    > Perhaps big companies might throw some resources behind LXDE if there was something there. Is there really anything wrong with having a few commercial cutomers behind LXDE
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    Show the embedded worls some love

    Dear LXDE. I think it is a wise decision to move to Qt, as it really is a ell thouguth out and well documented Application Framework. I am a big fan of KDE, but worry that it is moving away from...
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    Emacs still not working

    Looked trhough the bugs but none caught my eye of a theming engine bug that prevents me from using emacs. Imagine not being able to use Emacs on Linux
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    Core Dumps on me

    Compiled it on my Ubuntu 12.10 with KDE 4.10.1 and it coredumps when I start it from command line
  20. Vivia SailFish

    I am more excited by Sailfish then anything Ubuntu does. Not sure what SailFish plans to use (maybe somebody can chime in as to what they are doing) for their display. It would be in Canonicals...
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