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  1. Preceded by "Rewriting big C++...

    Preceded by "Rewriting big C++ application/library isn't usually option...."

    Why would you want Rust if you already have qt?
    Might replacing qt be a long Rust plan? Would that be worth doing?
  2. Got it built, How can I get online? Sprint wifi modem?

    The Sprint/Virgin Mobile U600 wifi modem looks best for me, if I can make it work.
    Is anyone using it right now? How do you get it started? Since both Sprint and Ubuntu keep changing things, would...
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    OT: Malwarebytes is suspicious of this site

    this is probably a false alarm but when I logged in just now Malwarebytes popped up saying
    Malicious website blocked: if I wrote it down correctly.
  4. I'm going ahead withthe AsRock mobo

    Hi Hooly, I see that Michael expects things to work, based on his considerable experience.

    Case? I am just using an outdated Corsair spec-01 that was being cleared with a $30 rebate. The side...
  5. New build, first Linux PC, what could go wrong? ;)

    Hi all, I'm new here and have not built a system since the early PC days. I hope to soon have a new rig with only Linux. It will be a budget build, but not too budget since I want a spiffy Z97 mobo...
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