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    I did use the slightly different version for my...

    I did use the slightly different version for my mouse, but it still seems to not be working. Could I possibly be using the wrong filetype?
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    RAT5 still not working after xorg fix

    I have the RAT5 and am running linux mint currently. I tried the old change xorg.conf trick, and it worked on normal ubuntu, but after moving to mint, the same trick doesn't work anymore. This is...
  3. utilizing gnome and kde on mint at the same time

    I am still relatively new to Linux and right now I am running mint KDE very happily as is, but me being me, I really like having a lot of bling and flash that most people wouldn't really want. This...
  4. MOARE!!!!

    It's great to see open source game engines coming to linux, but I really want to see awesome things being done with them. Where is the Linux version of BF3 and crisis? I need a user for my crossfire...
  5. So, I'm a new penguin-head, but not a good one...

    I've been wanting to just pull the trigger and go Linux for awhile now, but just never have had the motivation to. The other day, i got a replacement hard drive in from newegg, and decided to...
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