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    I'm very dissappointed with the general direction...

    I'm very dissappointed with the general direction of mobile OS's - specially Android which is becoming more and more a Google dumb terminal.

    An option pushing in the opposite direction, having my...
  2. I astronomically was :p Anyway I was thinking...

    I astronomically was :p

    Anyway I was thinking about a poll on which every user could select more than one distro. It's not unusual someone votes for two or three distros for different workloads...
  3. Create a poll!

    I confess I've read the first four pages of the thread only.

    The question is not wrong, but all people will answer according to their own preferences, and some are even evangelizing their Chosen...
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    Host distro?

    Hi Michael, sorry about being the slowest kid in the class but I don't get what distro you used for the host. Did you test Centos guest using a Centos host like you did here, or you used Ubuntu 12.10...
  5. ZFS

    I'd think OpenIndiana is perfect for ZFS storage; I've seen the FUSE driver for Linux and the snapshot capabilities are awesome. Too bad that, as a userland driver, is too slow.
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    Desktop experience must be pleasant for everyone

    As a Ubuntu 10.10 user, I did try Unity which comes as an optional package. It's not for me, same as the Windows 7 UI, but I can't understand how Canonical thinks it is good for the average user -...
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    I'm hoping it's a CPU optimization; otherwise...

    I'm hoping it's a CPU optimization; otherwise announcing results for Intel SB and AMD Opterons would be a deliberate attempt to fool us all.

    Maybe some geniuses developed a breakthrough C compiler...
  8. I dislike Pulseaudio; it makes KDE very...

    I dislike Pulseaudio; it makes KDE very unresponsive. Even if it's possible to run all KDE 4 apps over ALSA, they'll be muted the first time any Gtk-based app attempts to output sound (Firefox comes...
  9. I'm also a KDE user, and I love KDE 4.4 on my...

    I'm also a KDE user, and I love KDE 4.4 on my desktop. Despite many people says Kubuntu is a poor implementation of KDE, I prefer it over any other distro excepting a pure Debian.
    But I don't hate...
  10. Thread: Google Wave

    by jijitus

    Should've been auto-closed

    Wave was discontinued by Google. There are plans to make it an Apache project. All this can be easily found by using certain famous search engine.

    Didn't you notice the last post was in 2009?...
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    Just wait for 12.04...

    ... Ubuntu 12.04 LTS "Quizzical Quagga"
    Some more adj. just for kicks: Quaint - Queasy - Quirky - Queroluos - Quashed - Quivering - Quixotic
  12. Support the site

    I've added Phoronix to ABP's white list, and stopped using NoScript. Ads are very annoying, but I would hate it if this site shut down.
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    Please not GRUB2!

    GRUB2 is both slower to start than GRUB, and has a terribly bad support for XFS, at least in Debian Lenny. Every time I upgraded the kernel, it left my two systems (a desktop and a laptop)...
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    Why you want an UT3 client for Linux? The game is pretty much horrible, nothing like 2K4. It's an amateur-quality game that is not worth our time.
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    Just like with KDE 4, if it's not stable enough...

    Just like with KDE 4, if it's not stable enough it won't conquer users. I hope a new architecture will fix all glitches and bugs that plague Compiz Fusion today.
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