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  1. Why has it taken so long?

    Ive always wondered why the Kernel did so many things in a single threaded fashion during boot.
    I guess supporting so many platforms, its just kind of hard to do in a queue fashion?
  2. Giving power back to the upstream

    I there theres two main points to this system. One being that people want to get updates from the developers who make the software, like Firefox and Chrome. Second is that desktop applications...
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    Cpu stats

    We really need to see CPU charts to see if 'this' is better then 'that'.
    I know compression takes CPU time, it has to. Now the question is how much?
    Think about Atom CPU's and a FS that uses...
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    Need beetter tests...

    The issue I have with most of these test is that they are more of a system/ram/harddrive tests more then anything.

    There are 2 main tests that should be done, ram used , boot/load times.

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