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    He was punning...

    Just google: "Waiting for Godot"
  2. Direct3D 10 !!!

    I wonder how close Wine is to the first working DirectX 10 games?
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    My Predictions...

    Could You guys check this out and tell me what You think about it?
  4. How next-gen OpenGL [5] will kill DirectX 12 (i.e. AMD's Mantle on Linux & Android) !

    The Khronos Group is in a unique position, from where they could finally say to Microsoft (and, to a lesser extent, Apple): "Payback's a B*tch!"

    - OpenGL 5 will essentially be Mantle!
    This makes...
  5. Why is native so bad?

    Even with ToGL (Direct3D to OpenGL Translator), shouldn't the results on Linux native be way better?
    I thought the Linux Kernel ought to give us a measurable boost over the Windows NT kernel, so I...
  6. Too bad that it seems you have the attention span...

    Too bad that it seems you have the attention span of a five year old and can't even watch a 2:30 minute video till the end!! :rolleyes:
  7. With you read it here on Phoronix first I meant...

    With you read it here on Phoronix first I meant MY prediction, NOT the actual news!

    And about the prediction, I think the writing is pretty much already on the wall:

    If you closely look at this...
  8. Really, you guys think that it's going to be UT4?

    Remember this when you see the announcement: You read it here on Phoronix first!

    It's going to be a FREE-TO-PLAY crapwreck of Unreal Tournament, just like what Quake Live did to that series!
  9. Really? (and I mean that seriously...)

    Havok had an OpenCL-powered GPU backend in development & Intel being Intel just killed it off? If so, just wow... (still, would be cool if You could also provide some links for further reading)
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    2,503 ...

    From what I can gather from this thread is that it would actually be quite trivial for Wine to support PhysX acceleration on the GPU if only nVidia...
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    Thanks for the support! Oh, and I've always...

    Thanks for the support! Oh, and I've always wondered: What does your username stand for? I'm guessing it's not "Real Numerus Clausus"? ;)

    BTW, the user called 'Deanjo' in the aforementioned thread...
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    Michael to the rescue!

    Dear Michael!

    It's important that You step into this, since You have contacts to NVIDIA directly & could ask them if their promise about good Linux support still stands!
    What I'm talking about?...
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    Sorry to disappoint...

    ... but Phoronix is a place filled with people who care which friggin' open-source license an open-source Software uses more than anything!

    I'm not one of them, but unfortunately storage systems...
  14. Now that's what I call timing!

    Thanks Jonathan & You too, Michael!
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    Lowlatency test request...


    since the Phoronix Test Suite supports latency related tests for quite some time now, I wonder why this wasn't done yet?

    Anyway, what I (and I'm sure a lot of others) would like to see...
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    OpenShot has gone dark, too!

    If you look @ the official site here:

    you'll notice there hasn't been any update since 2.5 months, even though the main developer, Jonathan Thomas, talks about...
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    Triple Buffering is AWESOME!

    I can't even understand how this can be, but after enabling Triple Buffering on my nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512, Cinnamon (1.8) boots up A LOT faster on my Samsung HDD!
    Maybe it helps with other...
  18. DanL from

    DanL, I always wanted to know if you are the same person as the one on, and since this shows that You seem to be interested in games, I figured "why not"?
    If so, I would like to seize...
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    And yes, Call of Duty for Linux!

    Like I said before, Gaben himself said that they certainly already improved the situation for Infinity Ward with regard to Linux!

    Probably the CryEngine is next for official Linux support...
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    Confirmed by Gaben: Call of Duty for Linux!

    Has nobody noticed or made the connection yet?

    Gaben says in the video that they (ValvE) have certainly improved the Linux situation for the Call of Duty guys!
    Well, remember when Infinity Ward...
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