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    Because XFS doesn't have any snapshot capabilities which is needed for CoreOS.
  2. Installer

    I don't know how looks installer in openSUSE 13.2, but installer in previous versions openSUSE IMHO best installer I've ever seen. Very professional and configurable.
  3. Swap

    On openSUSE and on most other linux distros is swap as separate partition
  4. It is related to Java. Oracle JDK has better font...

    It is related to Java. Oracle JDK has better font rendering than OpenJDK. It is because of some patents which can't be used in opensource
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    Opera "Linux" support

    It is not only deb, it is deb for Ubuntu Unity with default motive. Other motive, other desktop environment or other distribution and Opera is not functional or looks weird...
  6. Driver #C3?

    What about Intel for Mac Os X?
  7. Fantastic?

    In which part looks fantastic? In comparison to Fedora has fewer packages, older programs, higher price, has small community, worse hardware support, on desktop has worse support from 3rd party...
  8. MySQL or MariaDB

    So, nobody knows which version of those has Oracle Linux?
  9. MySQL or MariaDB

    Which version of database has Oracle Linux? Same as RHEL, MariaDB, or possibility of choice?
  10. GPU Drivers

    How is it possible? Intel drivers is good enough for playing games like L4D or Portal 2 or support new webgl google maps. VDPAU is supported under (linux not very friendly) flash. Isn't VAAPI...
  11. Too much long...

    Confirmed. After 20 minutes when I was in 59% I closed it... :-(
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    Mobile version

    New design should focus on mobile version too. Actual version is good readable on mobile, but can be better optimized. But you should be careful, mobile design should not worsen look on desktop.
  13. Firefox?

    Can it fix problems with "openGL layers acceleration" in Firefox?
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    Frame synchronization support for GTK+ and the Mutter compositor

    What does it mean "Frame synchronization support for GTK+ and the Mutter compositor"? It's the function, which can prevent tearing like in compiz in Ubuntu? (i can't see any tearing in Unity 3D,...
  15. speed up in Ubuntu 12.04

    I thought that major performance speed up in kernel 3.3 is thanks to RC6 support, isn't it? And Ubuntu 12.04 has backported RC6 support for Intel.
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    Hi. My problem was caused by joining ATI...


    My problem was caused by joining ATI dedicated card with Intel integrated card. ATI card on HP ProBooks "s series" (like my HP 4730s) uses Intel's integrated card framebuffer for display and...
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    ATI 6470M without Tear Free option


    I have problem with my ATI 6470M on HP ProBook 4730s. I have video tearing and I have no option Tear Free in Catalyst-Control-Center on preinstalled SLED or on openSUSE 11.4 . Actually, I have...
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