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    Hardball's a game two can play

    If you've got opponents thinking in terms of piling on charges you've got bigger problems anyway and need to decide how you want to fight back. If they understand that cooperation and plea bargains...
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    I'm a US far left activist, my security requirements far exceed those of filesharing

    I am a far left (anticapitalist) activist in the US, and have been since the El Salvador War in the 1980's when we stopped Reagan's 1988 ground invasion of Honduras and deterred the 1980-1984...
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    There are always intentional providers of free service

    Libraries don't ask you to buy anything or have a library card, and some wifi access points get labelled "free wifi" to identify them for public use. Also, opening your wifi network while encrypting...
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    Not everyone has a house to themselves

    In my activist community, group and collective houses are very common, so are issues with getting the wifi to connect to everyone's computers. Obviously when running a group house-or just an open...
  5. Houses cost over 100 years income for me

    I don't own a house and the total value of all I own is surely less than the $3,000 or so that is formally exempt from seizure in any judgement. If you have a bank account and get sued, drain it,...
  6. At my income/asset level you are "judgment proof"

    No legal team required. I have no legally reachable income or assets of any kind. As such I would have no incentive to settle and every incentive to fuck with them and just plain get nasty. I could...
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    I get this on Gigabyte/AMD but it has no real-world effect I've ever observed

    I am running a Gigabyte board with an AMD processor and always get "Marking TSC unstable due to check_tsc_sync_source failed" in dmesg, in fact have ALWAYS seen this. I always assumed this was...
  8. Law enforcement is easily defeated in the world of computers

    The risk of something like this is close to zero in the US, the very nation behind all the copyright and patent maximalization. My advice is this: refuse to pay for any content due to the behavior of...
  9. Bug reports are needed, but so is bug discussion.

    Phoronix is not the place to REPORT bugs, but it is a good place in my experience to DISCUSS bugs that have also been reported.

    Last spring I had to deal with the DRI3/SDL issue, when SDL based...
  10. How about using this to sandbox browsers?

    This sort of sandboxing could be used to defeat browser-borne attacks that read hardware information such as any port of the FBI's CIPAV spyware programs to Linux. Also would
    confine privilige...
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    Wonder if this will work for Movit-enabled kdenlive?

    I don't have hardware capable of using this driver (Bulldozer with Radeon HD6750 in my video editor) but if this ever works for Kdenlive, that shared memory address space would be a game changer....
  12. I heard a report of different extensions being made malicious in Firefox

    I heard a report somewhere of this shit turning up in firefox extensions as well, but can't remember where. Anyway, if it can be done for one browser it can be done in another, as the basic concept...
  13. Is anyone else seeing Adcash while using Phoronix?

    If this shows up surfing Phoronix from a live disk, the problem is at Phoronix or at an adserver used by Phoronix. If this is so a lot of users should see it, at least in a single geographic area...
  14. Browser extensions are cross-platform

    That's the thing: a browser extension that does not use native operating system executables at all and simply runs in browser should be as OS-agnostic as a Flash game. If I had a machine stolen and...
  15. This is confirmed malicious, usually involves malicious browser extensions shows that a number of "free" software programs available for Windows are using malicious browser extensions to open windows that...
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    IceWM is a legavy desktop and it works fine

    I use IceWM on my smallest machine (the netbook) for performance reason. There are some minor bugs concerning the system tray but they have workarounds. I use it with its own panel and with Caja,...
  17. Pulseaudio seems to be maturing nicely-and good for grabbing web audio

    I reinstalled Pulseaudio in my main system today due to a new use case: Recording the output of the sound card when the hardware does not support recording the "mix" output.

    On my big 8 core,...
  18. Local better than cloud when privacy and security count

    The future of networking needs to be a mesh, not a star. With the decline of net neutrality and the rise of things like paid prioritization and tracking, we are long overdue for some kind of shock...
  19. We can start with wholesale blocking of Cyveillance and all other copythug bots

    We can start by actively protecting our servers and all our assets from swine like this. Block copyright-enforcement bots, save your bandwidth. Hell, blocking all Israeli IP addresses is known to...
  20. Sorry, those "laws" are for Wall Street and Hollywood

    Keep in mind that people like Ronald Reagan were funded by Big Business, wars no more happen in a vacuum than DCMA notices do. This is acutally a minor issue to me, mostly a communications resource...
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