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  1. The things listed by you are almost the ones I...

    The things listed by you are almost the ones I like most on Gnome. Dynamic workspaces suits great for me. I have kind of "chaotic" way to work. I just open applications/windows on one workspace,...
  2. Gnome 3.6 is good

    It is starting to be usable again. 3.0 and 3.2 were pretty disastrous, unstable and lots of things were not working as they were intended. And notifications system was bad. I did like certain things...
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    I like Gnome 3 and gnome-shell

    I am really liking Gnome 3 and gnome-shell. But, I admit that the Gnome 3 has been quite unstable, and 3.6 seems to be about ready for use.
    But I can see the desire for old interfaces, and this...
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    Not a big deal

    I don't understand why dropping fallback mode is so big deal?

    If one's computer does not have graphics card or driver capable of running opengl OR computer cpu is not fast enough to use llvmpipe,...
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