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  1. ... Just like a project about coding a new OS for...

    ... Just like a project about coding a new OS for the PDP-11.
    It'd be as interesting as useless but for those who own actual working hardware.
    I wouldn't ad such a project on Phoronix!
    This is...
  2. But the real question is

    Which hardware is actually supported by coreboot?:confused:
    I wish I could boot my netbooks, notebooks and a couple of servers by HP off coreboot.
    But so far, there is almost nothing currently in...
  3. Ever heard about Wt?

    I will hardly move away from Wt.
    It's much more mature, better documented. And it works!
  4. Bravo!

    It seems it comes from Italy: it'd be the "Renzi effect"!
  5. I think this is your main issue, my friend. If...

    I think this is your main issue, my friend.
    If you are a technician, you really know what actually works and what doesn't. And every other technician would agree with you.
    But when it comes to...
  6. Hi Ahmad. I think I am in an even worse...

    Hi Ahmad.
    I think I am in an even worse situation than yours. I am Italian, living in Italy. Full stop. :-)
    Nonetheless, I live in that crazy world where PI equals to 3.1415926535..., "while( TRUE...
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    Buzzwording again?

    Maybe I am wrong, but unless KDE is being ported soon to Qt v5.3 or Ubuntu people is jumping into that, which part of Ubuntu will benefit from this targeting?
    Canonical is not even...
  8. Breaking news!

    Great improvements in the concrete formula used for Launch Pad 39A have been shown to the world on July 20, 1969.
    And, by the way, some time later Apollo 11 successfully reached the moon with three...
  9. Come on, Michael!!!

    I understand you need to drive more traffic on this website. Business is business! Granted.
    But leveraging on the word "Windows" is really funny! For a website like this!
    Your title focuses on...
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    It's all about taste, philisophy and, in general, subjective considerations

    The only unbiased objective evaluations come, IMO, from numbers.
    Define what "a good framework" is and how to measure it.
    Then measure both Qt and GTK+ and finally compare the results. 1 is less...
  11. They will hardly succeed

    At least sounds scary to me: dynamically changing execution paths at the kernel level.
    Anything that could go wrong, will gain new interesting ways to badly fail.
    In my opinion.
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    I see the same old design and layout. I see different fonts and, maybe, a slightly different nuance of green. That'd be it.
    I wouldn't call it a "new site design", in my opinion, just a light make...
  13. Useless marketing

    While I do understand that the kernel is an important part of a distribution, surely among the most important ones, that debate is pointless.
    Ubuntu has tons to bugs introduced by either themselves...
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    project quotes?

    I wonder why those people at Phoronix don't like the copy-paste(tm).
  15. It was long ago when I read

    the two words "windows" and "3.11" in the same sentence.
    This time, luckily, "Linux" leads.
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    It's a subtle type of typpo. Just like the...

    It's a subtle type of typpo.
    Just like the main-in-the middle.
    It usually gets a fix, but it depends on how much humour it drives. The more the faster.
    This very one has almost none so it's set to...
  17. man in the middle

    The other wording could a c/c++ attack!
  18. LSX?

    Is there any (technical) reference to the LSX kernel?
    Maybe I'm dumb, but I cannot find it!
  19. My only hope

    Is that there will be a fine graned code review!
    Adding backdoors to kernel krypto would make Linux a dream OS for a lot of people out there!
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    It's a real shame! Twice a shame on Red Hat!

    What happened to the plain old English?
    Is everyone quitting the school before being 7?

    (From linked document, slide #3).
    WRONG: Complaints mean that you're project is in use!
    RIGHT: Complaints...
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