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    people have tried to use llvm to optimize python already

    An intern at google tried that and it's called unladen swallow [1].

    it seems alot more promising to look into the openjdk world. Some people are working on truffle a specializing ast...
  2. Yes I know of that. I don't know how Xilinx...

    Yes I know of that. I don't know how Xilinx handles that, but it might be less bright on the Altera side.

    The gate count of the strechgoals will most likely exceed the free quartus versions. From...
  3. who would sponsor that?

    I think this was a nice idea with the wrong timing, the wrong code and the wrong and the wrong estimation.

    There is a series of things I really don't about this project:

    - there isn't an open...
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    Nice news -- Details missings

    It's nice to hear that we can (finally) use managed C++ with linux.

    However this is just coming from a conference talk. No download button - no certainty that it will actually ever be open...
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