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    I backed this. That demo may have not been the...

    I backed this. That demo may have not been the best thing to post. You can make really pretty things, trust me. Since I backed this, a lot of things have happened like other Engines coming out. You...
  2. 14.04

    I'm on Xubuntu 14.04 right now with the oibaf PPA and have issues with lingering images on the desktop. It was actually present with the default driver as well on a 6670 Card. I've also ran into...
  3. Awesome

    I used this several years ago a few times and it was blazing fast and very pleasing to work with. If it had things like Pidgin, Steam, other useful Software and maybe even Wine support; I'd be all...
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    I would really love to upgrade but have one huge problem; Xvidcap. I heavily rely on this program because quite simply, nothing else does what it does with pausing etc. I've tried Kazam for instance...
  5. Still?

    Still? esh...I guess nobody is interested in the Crytek games on Linux. Something big like this you would figure Linux coders would be coming out of the woodwork.
  6. OpenGL

    Well OpenGL came first, but Microsoft was on their lock-in game and decided to make something new called DirectX that will lock Games to one Platform; theirs. Liking and using DirectX is the same as...
  7. very nice

    To play devils advocate, you could make a list like this for Windows also, with the closed source of course. It's unfortunate Bug reports can't be filed, but we all appreciate your time with this.
  8. Yeah, for ALL OSes. Nobody has a reason to buy a...

    Yeah, for ALL OSes. Nobody has a reason to buy a Steam Machine for that. Exclusive is the key.
  9. People will accept the DRM just like they do...

    People will accept the DRM just like they do today, and it will become the new Normal. Just like with Blu-ray and it's slow loading, firmware updates, ever-changing DRM and player lock-ups/reboots....
  10. I've yet to find much of any distro that ran...

    I've yet to find much of any distro that ran comfortably on 256MB Ram with a GUI. I have a ton of, as they say, old computers from late 90's and early 2000's with 256MB ram that need something...
  11. Yeah, they are. And they are the same, if not...

    Yeah, they are. And they are the same, if not worse, old company we've known all these years. Still locking users in, still telling developers not to use Linux, still threatening OEMS who try to use...
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    This is what we are lacking in the Linux world, decent Screen Capture tools. The only one I ever found useful and still use today is XVidCap. Nothing we currently have compares to XVidCap where you...
  13. And yet you seem to conveniently forget DirectX...

    And yet you seem to conveniently forget DirectX is a one platform solution and in the long run too expensive to develop for. Why use DirectX when you can make more $$$ using OpenGL on MANY...
  14. No

    I wouldn't hold my breath, as Games today are geared to the casual user.
  15. 14.04

    Why is 14.04 so slow compared to 12.04?. It's not much of an "upgrade". If I went purely by the Benchmarks, I would move to Debian from 12.04.
  16. HUH

    "Rally behind one" "Too many" etc.. I'm sorry but the MORE the BETTER. If I wanted no choice, I would use Windows. Some of you people here need to get your priorities straight...
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    Hey now

    What's with all the Windows fanbois?. I used Windows for 15 years, made the FULL switch to Xubuntu in Oct 2012 and I don't miss Windows at all. Fragmentation is a dirty word used by Windows peeps, we...
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    I wonder if i can still use xscreensaver?. I just like watching things move when my computer is inactive, in particular GLText. Just because something isn't needed doesn't mean it isn't useful. I...
  19. Price

    So if I buy stream 10 movies per month from Amazon and have a sub to Showtime then I would be paying the same amount as my DirecTV service which has more channels and movies; I can hear the $$$...
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    Valid Question

    Should Developers who are "not much of a linux user" even be allowed to develop for Linux?. It's a valid question that boils down to things like support, knowing nothing about a platform limits your...
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