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  1. Under modules section of xorg.conf I changed...

    Under modules section of xorg.conf I changed driver to vesa. Then tried startx. No luck; got some crazy colorful pattern of pixels but no window manager. Maybe I went about this all wrong.

  2. installing fglrx driver for ATI X1300 card

    Need to re-install driver for my ATI card on Lenovo notebook machine. OS is Fedora Core 6. Also need to install other apps but first things are video driver. Long story short I mistakenly uninstalled...
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    I don't know all of the details, but it appears...

    I don't know all of the details, but it appears that my problem with DRI initialization was related to a faulty file permission. Our sys admin has got everything to work by changing this file...
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    driver trouble under FC6 on Lenova T60

    I suspect that my notebook does not currently have the appropriately configured and proper driver. Getting bugs that look like the reported cursor bug. I have a new Lenova T60 running Fedora Core 6....
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