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    Hardware troubles

    Also, don't underestimate the ability for board vendors to cock up the UEFI. (Although cock up may be too harsh: release prematurely is probably better).

    I spent two months analyzing a problem...
  2. I am very sorry - I did not mean to crash your...

    I am very sorry - I did not mean to crash your system.

    I tried it on baytrail and ivybridge and it just took forever to load.
  3. Drivers

    You must be kidding me. The commercial variant of OpenGL offered by NVidia is hundreds of man years ahead. There is no comparison.

    Try going to and watch the open source...
  4. Hmmm...

    So I'm guessing that I've done something wrong:

    After upgrade zsnes no longer works - segfaults immediately. However, if I run it as root it runs without segmentation faults.

    VAAPI decoding a...
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    And the performance relative to a core i3 will be?

    Sounds like Sun's niagra all over again.

  6. Thanks for that. It wasn't the accelerated...

    Thanks for that. It wasn't the accelerated decode that was the problem. I've got the VAAPI xvba wrapper installed:
    # dpkg -al | grep xvba
    ii xvba-va-driver ...
  7. I'll be damned...

    That did it.

    The performance is back where I had expected it to be.

    I accept eating humble pie here - perhaps I over ranted - the performance is now excellent.

    So what is going on here? Is...
  8. Yup - but here is the thing: It worked...

    Yup - but here is the thing: It worked beautifully on my NVidia Ti 560.

    Furthermore, I know that my 1st gen core i7 (W3520) can decode the videos in software at full frame rate.
    The problem isn't...
  9. Nahh . still terrible.

    Ok - I downloaded and installed it.

    Using Kubuntu 14.04, AMD R9 270: Still cannot play youtube videos in full screen without dropping to about 1 fps.

    AMD: You need to get serious about this...
  10. All I would like..

    I'll test this one, but I don't have high hopes.

    All I would like is for the f*king desktop to work properly.

    I've got an R9 270 - and I'd expect the thing to just run without tearing - and be...
  11. VDPAU?

    Can you tell me: Does this board have VDPAU support with the proprietary driver?

  12. VSync in video playback?

    Does anyone know if this update fixes the tearing issues in video playback that have affected previous versions?
  13. Great point

    That would be a huge help. Good suggestion.
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    Wasn't (one) of the Tilera processors MIPS based?

    Wasn't one of the Tilera processors based around many MIPS cores?

    Is this one similar or is it a totally different ISA?
  15. Good results, but can you test the power load?

    Hi There,

    Thanks for testing these processors. A very useful set of results.

    Can you please buy a power meter and measure the amount of power consumed at the wall socket?

    If that...
  16. Compare with Atom?

    Hi There,

    Thank you for your testing.

    Could you please add on a comparison with an Intel Atom for us?

    In reality, the cost difference between 8 watts and 30 isn't significant for most...
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