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    a small company..

    a smaller company buying a major one:confused:
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    it's a libreoffice problem not ubuntu, you can always install another version, or from the site or from ppa
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    canonical will use a compatibility layer to use old x apps:rolleyes:
  4. lol?

    looks like a high-end card what about the same level card?
  5. hm

    amd chips?! look like they descovery a way to sell the firepro chips, rebranding :mad:
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    and what?

    and what? we will need to use x forever? what the point of wayland then?
  7. normal

    this is normal, intel have the best opensource drivers, and now opencl too
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    use this ppa

    mesa 10.3rc2
  9. hm

    i think is the second, but is better to ask another, i don't have a amd card to test it now :(
  10. without egl?

    i think not, catalyst don't have egl
  11. hm

    most of ppl is stupid and only buy what they think is fashion, is why some companies like apple survive., personal experience ios is a garbage but it is good to engage women
  12. hm

    every 3 months a new "resolution" is out, even when nothing in video or game world support it... i'm imagine some people with a intel atom using this monitor
  13. little sense?

    why little sense?
  14. he's with canonical and mir

    chnge sides:confused:
  15. not so simple

    nvidia and amd propry* drivers have many and many years of work making a drivers quality for games using will make a lot of years, and m$ wants directx not opengl in their OS, is the only thing who...
  16. ???

    the game devs correct the bug in fglrx!!!??? when fglrx devs can't do a job...
  17. lol

    better performance than fglrx
  18. well

    we need a strong amd to compete with intel in all markets, this is not the way ,bulldozer is flop, amd need something new fast, amd pls stop with this non sense
  19. 220w?

    to much, 220w is to much and performance to low, amd pls give up from this architecture, in some tests is worst than pentium g
  20. yes

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