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  1. well, guess what...i'm back with pretty good...


    guess what...i'm back with pretty good news :

    1 - Four hours after my last post, i burnt a ISO live CD of linux (kubuntu 11.04 x86, KDE because very look like Win7 for no-gnome user !)
  2. but i thought head crash happens only in case of...

    but i thought head crash happens only in case of big move or displacement during transport, not when it 's fixed in case and in idle mode.
  3. hi


    thank for your advices.

    some says that i could buy the exactly same disk-model and just replace the controler card/borad. what do you think about this idea?

  4. HD problem on WD7500AAKS (750GB WD) : iregular power random

    hi !

    while i was working (office activity so not very HD work/copy) on my computer, i have a strange freeze problem : my browser (where i worked) was frozen . It was the hard drive where the...
  5. new cpu needed for Aikoscence

    this results are awsome (sorry for speaking like a kid), they really are ! sure!

    actually i own a core i-975 (4-core 8-thread @3.33Ghz) for my 3d render (see are beginning...
  6. searching for ubuntu 10.10 x64 drivers for wlan Broadcom BCM4322 on vostro 1520


    my OS is linux ubuntu x64 v10.10 on netbook dell vostro 1520.
    i'm looking for wlan drivers for network adapter broadcom like this:

    shall you help me please ?
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