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    Phoronix test suite keeps crashing on me in...

    Phoronix test suite keeps crashing on me in VirtualBox 4.1.20. VBoxDD.dll is blamed as the fault module when it goes down.
  2. Yes, benchmark it

    Would love to see another third-party benchmark. I've been curious about G-WAN for a few months...even thinking about trying it out in production.

    If it truly benefits smaller servers it will be...
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    Best tests for HTPC benchmarking

    Any suggestions for the best PTS tests/suite/virtual suite for an HTPC? I'd like to get a couple reasonable CPU / GPU stress tests in but as this isn't a powerhouse PC there doesn't need to be...
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    Thanks, tried installing libvdpau1 and...

    Thanks, tried installing libvdpau1 and vdpau-va-driver with no luck. libvdpau-dev did the trick and that test is running now.

    Maybe I'm trying to run a lot of older/irrelevant tests in general. ...
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    Numerous problems with PTS on Atom D2700

    Obviously I'm not setting things up correctly. I've tried multiple OS installs so far (XBMCbuntu 11.0, Lubuntu 12.04 testing, Linux Mint Debian Edition 1204, and now Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit). On...
  6. Have to admit that this is the hardest part for...

    Have to admit that this is the hardest part for me to understand even after reading the documentation. I completely get 1 and 2...but 3 still throws me off. Initially I thought it was a description...
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