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  1. one more year

    one more year and amd continue with garbage drivers:(
  2. ?

    you look nice in the photo :rolleyes:

    you are talking about igpu not dgpu dif markets

    i will se carrizo, i doubt about amd miracles
  3. ??

    don forget the ddrm4 will resolve this bandwich problem, and dont fogert the intel iris hd, they are the best igpu out there
  4. Replies

    yes is default already

    ubuntu 15.04 uses systemd for some time
  5. hm

    what i undertand is you can upgrade your windows 7/8 to 10 for free in the first year only, they want the end of windows 7 and 8 quickly
  6. well

    windows 8 will die fast with this
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    fedora and redhat guys are like this always, no big news here, you can always use something like like centos 6 or debian 8 or ubuntu 16.04 with lxde or xfce desktop for many years don t be mad...
  8. ?

    Mantle is another flop, amd canīt do a good driver for dx and opengl and we will use their api? :rolleyes:
  9. no ideia

    first time i see such name, the guy needs money nd marketing and do this, maybe he thinks apple or M$ will pay him for that, iīm a java dev and i need to use command line often even when i use...
  10. lol

    he cant install ubuntu? really lol even my mom do that. :o
  11. hm

  12. ?

    popular? first time i heard
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    i have a sony intel atom single core and i can play videos in youtube, with windows 7, ubuntu and others, maybe the problem is you
  14. ???

    not a single new game, like cs go or dota 2, or metro
  15. ??

    the shit here is the amd drivers, with a gtx 460 and a 740m i have the same performance in windows 7 x64 and a linux x64 nvidia 346
  16. again

    new driver fail again, year after year and they can provide a good driver
  17. they work better or not?

    they work better in 2d and 3d or not? someone test and talk about games like cs go, dota 2:confused:
  18. working fine to me

    working with bumblebee and nvidia-prime the big problem is x not the nvidia, xorg is a piece of crap in new systems
  19. 8 hours later

    and still no problem with kernel 3.18, games are working very well, good system performance
    and low power consume.

    using ubuntu 14.04.1 with kernel 3.18.0 mesa 10.3 gcc 4.9
  20. looks like

    amd drivers are garbage, no big news. intel probaly the problem is the lack of opengl 4
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