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  1. what's wrong with that ?

    what's wrong with that ?
  2. thanks for the feedback unfortunately I don't...

    thanks for the feedback
    unfortunately I don't know how to fix this issue for now.
    If someone want the support of a site/embed video feel free to ask on this thread,
    and most importantly I really...
  3. was not it for the 3.10 and 3.11 kernels ? oh...

    was not it for the 3.10 and 3.11 kernels ? oh well I guess it's a work in progress for several releases
  4. My Firefox plugin for watching videos without flash


    I've created a Firefox plugin to watch some videos without flash. It has passed preliminary review by Mozilla but according to the reviewer the videos on youtube can't be played

    I do...
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    About the leap motion controle device


    A few month ago I heard about a kinect like motion controle device that was to be linux compatible and very accurate, the "leap". They also said that the will delivered the pre-ordered ...
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    is it safe or open source ?

    What is the difference between the skype binary in the article link and the official skype ?
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