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  1. No but....

    Valve using Linux is the best thing that could have happened to Linux. The only damage is if Valve pulls the plug. If that happens then I think Linux's reputation would take a pretty bad hit. I...
  2. So..

    Why not 11?
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    Changing the read ahead size might help

    I had some slowness with my SSD, changing the read ahead helped.

    open /etc/rc.local and add the following. you may need adjust the sizes a little.

    Add the following lines before “exit 0“....
  4. Randomly kills X11 for me.

    This driver does seem to be a little snappier and my brightness quick keys now work. I was just starting to feel good about this new beta driver and then I opened up Google chrome and X11 crashed,...
  5. Not getting my money then...

    I guess Intel doesn't want my money. Only the future can tell on which display server ( Wayland, Mir, X?) will become the default Intel has just told the Ubuntu community, don't buy Intel video...
  6. Still doing it wrong.

    LOL - I had the previous driver on my laptop and when I installed the 3.8.4 kernel, dkms failed during build and said "Unsupported kernel". AMD your still doing it wrong.

    On the upside this fglrx...
  7. Yep FGLRX still sucks

    I agree that fglrx drivers are laughably bad. I've since moved to the Radeon which is good but slow. oh well better than just broken.
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    Funny, usually it's the installer that's broken

    Now it's the download link.
  9. Yuk!

    Nothing like Microsoft trying to hi-jack a computing festival. I can't help but think that they are supporting this because they know they can win in a lawsuit if anyone tried to use Mono in a...
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    Where's the validation?

    I test Linux software for a living and I've had a AMD video card ( one way or another ) for the last 4 years. The biggest issue I've noticed with AMD video drivers is there doesn't seem to be any...
  11. Thread: Goodbye ATI

    by homerhomer

    Good for you

    For some reason I keep buying cheap computers like my Acer 722 that have ATI video. It's always a struggle too.

    I think that if enough people tell them "good bye" they will make a better driver.
  12. installed it and ...

    Wake from suspend and hibernation still broken with my Acer One 722 netbook

    I wish there was a better way to tell AMD that I'm not happy with them. Hell, just an acknowledgment saying, they are...
  13. Tapatalk now supports banners, any chance phoronix forums can add support?

    Link to info

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    Suspend bug fixed with e-350 APU?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried it out.

    Come on AMD!

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    I've got the same suspend errors

    I've tried 11.7 and 11.8 with a e-350 APU and I have the same suspend issue. It's bearable but... I wish AMD would get this fixed *sigh* .
  16. This is great!

    This is amazing news. Hopefully publishers port some games to Linux. My only concern is that I run a ton of Steam games through wine, and I know there only a certain number of those will be ported....
  17. Recently I upgrade to the latest 10.04 beta and...

    Recently I upgrade to the latest 10.04 beta and I've noticed that the OSS radeon driver is slower than it was with 9.10 /w xorg-edgers updates. I'm just happy the suspend is working correctly. I know...
  18. If Steam comes to Linux ...

    I'll be the happiest Linux user. As of recently my PC buying habits have consisted of seeing a game on Steam for a GREAT price and then checking to see if it will run in wine and then buying it if...
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    I'm not gong back to AMD video anytime soon

    Yep, sure glad that I got away from ATI/AMD video when I did. I would go as far a paying more on my next laptop to make sure that it has Nvidia or at least Intel.

    I still like there CPU chips...
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    I have a ATI Xpress 200M and it never worked...

    I have a ATI Xpress 200M and it never worked correctly with the fglrx driver. There was always something wrong. Just when I would hope the next release they would fix my last issue, the new release...
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