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  1. how many years open driver is?

    this stuff is going on and on and on.
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    Too bad I am AMD fanboy.
    But does Linux support thunderbolt at all, I was under impression sh** just doesn't work?
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    not true

    The way I see it, Mantle may be doing some minor damage to DX, it may do big damage to OpenGL.
    Fragmentation of graphical API is rather negative to us Linux users, especially when it hurts adoption...
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    the ones who gonna win are

    The ones who gonna win are game engine developers.

    Engine that supports both openGL and Mantle is gonna ripe the financial awards. Unigine for example already is able to use DX and OGL.

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    shitty option

    For us, Linux users, it's also a bad option.
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    2 things to say

    1) Just disabel ipv4 routing(you are not using tunnel right?) and you will find out.
    2) Many of your friends support ipv6? Depending on network configuration, skype calls are made directly. Source:...
  7. not just yet.

    AMD to be believed, when their hardware is fully compatible with 4.x OpenGL AND is good choice based on quality/performance/value, so far all of those just fail when it comes to Linux. AMD has only...
  8. Would be super nice

    But even now, Nvidia is a Maverrick, is only big GPU company that has both performance AND good driver, albeit, binary, on Linux.
    When I see pigs flying in my future house in Spain, i will know,...
  9. 1) Android != Linux I wonder, what has so far...

    1) Android != Linux

    I wonder, what has so far been backported to Linux from Android.(i acknowledge Google support, however)

    2) Hypothetically, ARM processor vendors suddenly support Mantle,...
  10. I am uber sceptical on this...

    I'd love to call myself AMD GPU fan, but it won't happend ny time soon. I am using their processors, for as long as I remember, I only had intel processor once on my personal computers.(2nd gen...
  11. yes and no

    It was avaialble for a while.
    Than drivers lost ability for overclock for a few years.
    And now ability is back!
  12. I am impressed

    With amount of work Michael has done.

    I am still gonna stick to my guns with Nvidia binary drivers and cards, since AMD clearly a bad choice when it comes for Bang for the Buck.
    interesting, non...
  13. let me transalte that

    to geek language.

    Apple decided to act assholes on that. As usual. I am really uncomfortable with LLVM, it's because of Apple.

    Devs that develop LLVM should really support GCC. Apple is known...
  14. Thunderbolt on Linux market is a...

    Niche in a niche market.
    Makes no economical sence whatsoever.
    How many Linux users are there? Unfortunately not so much. How many can afford Mac? Not too many. How many of them actually have Mac?...
  15. I wonder, why

    Why did they choose CUDA over OpenCL?
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    Not sure what you mean?

    Motherboards these days are more or less Linux compatible out of the box.(desktop ones)
    Biggest issue so far is Sensors and UEFI.

    I didn't have issues with desktop computers for a while now. Thou...
  17. What about steam based games?


    As far as I understood, you were able to automate steam based games for benchmarking, weren't you?

    Would be curious to look at Valve games. Also, Nuclear Down is also quite good Linux...
  18. IMHO, enough

    IMHO it's enough. Apps and games used - are good software to compare drivers. Specifically, benchmarking software is good example for this matter. Just because you feel butt hurt - doesn't make you...
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    Place to crush

    Hey ma fellow geeks!
    Anyone from Berlin?
    I am seeking for place to crush? I wanna attend this expo on Saturday and have a beer or two with Michael and YOU my geeky bretherin!
    Lemme know, send me...
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    Thanks for bunch of interesting news recently Michael.
    For me, a Gentoo user, this is very interesting.
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