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  1. Death of Fedora, Long Live Fedora!

    All the arguments in that YouTube video addressed a 'why are we shrinking' comment not 'what do you think of the change.' The change is to get more application developers and I agree with the...
  2. But that's the advantage of open source software:...

    But that's the advantage of open source software: the amount of trust to still have a working system is much lower. Broadcom is the real question -- even their newer wl driver only works in special...
  3. Re: December Should Be Very Exciting For Linux Users

    and Fedora 20 on the 10th if no further delays.
  4. Remember back in 2004...

    Remember back in 2004 that Novell's acquisition of SuSE was to make SuSE become as big as, or bigger than, Red Hat. The recent kernel contribution release shows that it's still an ongoing thing. I...
  5. Doesn't look different.

    Yeah, the checksum is the same as the 2013-03-26 release. I'm assuming that there isn't a beta4, and this just announces that the release notes have been published.
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    Video narrator

    <twitch>The western European Li'nux instead of the eastern European Lin'ux.</twitch>
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    Follow the developers

    This announcement is just answering questions about the effect Ubuntu has on other projects. Wayland is the more interesting project, being both more mature than Mir and, well, motivated in the...
  8. History repeating

    I recall when Apple compared itself to FreeBSD when announcing OS X, there were 3 major things they overhauled: the kernel (XNU, parts brought from NeXT), the SystemV startup scripts (launchd), and...
  9. You wouldn't be able to put that into PTS and...

    You wouldn't be able to put that into PTS and compare it to your own hardware. S2Games and Epic have have games out for Linux, however if you can't compile them then you can't see how the entire...
  10. Announcement does not coincide with media availability

    I use it, but it's more for the comparison of the propretary legacy fglrx with the open source version. I could use CentOS, but I'd rather just increase Oracle's bandwidth. Either way, it's for fun...
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    Deja vu

    What Ubuntu is doing -- making their own desktop, monitizing online services -- reminds me of the late Eazel Inc. It's good that Canonical has a server division, because the desktop side is...
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    Could you fix it so it shows the end time for the...

    Could you fix it so it shows the end time for the Intel 95W part? It only has the end for the 77W part.

    Also, does the x264 HD 5.0.1 benchmark use Microsoft's compiler? Cinebench uses ICC or...
  13. Annoyance

    Well if Microsoft wasn't going to create the equivalence of the UAC bootloader, then someone else will.

    So is there a provider of coreboot motherboards & laptops or is this still a pipe dream?
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