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  1. The thing is that unfortunately you can't stand...

    The thing is that unfortunately you can't stand up in court, hold an iphone in one hand and Samsung in the other and say "Look, judge, it's obviously a copy; phone, icons, even packaging it shipped...
  2. derp

    Sorry, derped, didn't mean 16 or 32 bpp ;)
  3. Banding.

    My pleasure. I don't know about the gradient issue. Found this in their Bugzilla: It seems to imply that it might be less of a problem with 16 or 32...
  4. gtk style

    I get my thus styled GIMP builds from here:
  5. picture

    Tried to post a picture for you but didn't show up. URL:

    (on Windblows because PrtScr didn't work in Linux Mint when the menu was open)
  6. bits

    Took a pic of latest 2.9 build:
  7. Replies

    Sticky: Slackware

    Slackware 1.0. Then RedHat, later SuSE, then a break because I got fed up with the constant tinkering (automated kernel updates breaking NDISWrapper, multiple monitor woes, etc. etc. etc.). Now using...
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