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  1. Your statement shows your bigotry. ...

    Your statement shows your bigotry.

    If you like running nightly display stacks by Canonical, you should also be...
  2. HTML5 Video tag - MP4 and Firefox

    Firefox does not support the MP4 container with the <video> tag.

    I love the fact that you are using the video tag, but the video will not show up for us Firefox users.
  3. Could you provide reference?

    It is considered inappropriate to claim something without a reference, could you link me to where it says that the tests were just streams of zeros?
  4. Hard to compare

    I've tried both Ext4 and Btrfs on my laptops Samsung SSD and found that Btrfs with compression and discard works the best for me. Certainly the benchmarks from last year prove the compression with...
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